Casual Dress: Chic and Practical, We Love It!

Are you looking for a casual , simple and practical dress to wear in all circumstances ? A casual dress creating a trendy relaxed look on its own (with a few accessories), pleasant and easy to wear with sneakers or ankle boots, at the office or in the evening with friends? Here are 7 casual, chic and timeless winter and mid-season dresses that will quickly become your best friends.

1. Casual turtleneck sweater dress in 100% cashmere wool

The casual turtleneck sweater dress is THE key piece of feminine clothing for your chic and casual winter look. Made from an ultra-soft 100% cashmere wool yarn, this superb thick dress keeps you warm while being hypoallergenic, breathable and thermoregulatory.

Red wool turtleneck sweater dress - Les Petits Printed - eshop casual sweater dress

Turtleneck jumper dress in red wool Aby - Les Petits Imprimers

So you won't be too hot or too cold with this very pleasant cashmere dress to wear, directly on the body if you wish. Its ribbed knit creates vertical lines that elongate your silhouette and its fitted cut without being close to the body guarantees comfort and freedom of movement. You can mark the size with a belt if you want.

2. Long Turtleneck Slit Sweater Dress

This second casual turtleneck sweater dress is just as flattering as the first. The differences are in material, length and fit. Designed in viscose and elastane, this casual dress has a thinner, more fluid material and hugs your curves better without molding them (shoulders, arms).

Célénia beige slit turtleneck jumper dress - Les Petits Imprimers

Its midi length reaches mid-calf, visible thanks to a sexy slit on each side going up to mid-thigh. Its ribbed knit elongates your silhouette for a slim and slender look.

3. 100% wool casual dress

This pretty wool sweater dress is casual, chic and laid back all at the same time. Its beautiful low-cut round neckline highlights your bust and any thin necklace . Its soft ribbed knit in thermo-regulating wool can be worn next to the skin.

Noéline black wool sweater dress - Les Petits Printed - casual chic dress eshop

Noéline black wool jumper dress - Les Petits Imprimers

This casual, fitted, knee-length dress can be worn with pumps as well as with sneakers, heeled ankle boots or riding boots. A single dress for a multitude of looks, isn't life beautiful?!

4. Mesh wrap dress

Another casual chic knit dress, another style. This ribbed knit dress features a wrap cut at the top with a wrap tied at the waist, on a flared skater skirt forming vertical pleats that elongate your silhouette.

Fitted jumper dress Sylbille - Les Petits Imprimers

Sneakers or ankle boots with heels will be perfect for this casual dress to create a casual chic look, ideal for the office or window shopping, going out with friends or with the darling. A chic and practical dress, we love it!

5. Straight sweater dress

The last knit dress in our selection of casual dresses, this straight sweater dress with a high round neck is distinguished by the originality of its vertical knit and its velvet skirt, which both lighten the silhouette by mixing vertical lines and differences in materials.

Camille beige pleated skirt sweater dress - Les Petits Printed - women's casual dresses eshop

Camille beige pleated skirt jumper dress - Les Petits Imprimers

Some pretty original jewelry will complete your look. Dressed in the blink of an eye in a casual feminine outfit, you are at ease, comfortable and elegant without overdoing it.

6. Casual Denim Dress

If there is one casual dress among all, it is the denim dress. Essential among casual dresses, the raw denim dress is a must have in the female wardrobe. Chic and timeless, this raw material that dressed American workers at the start of the 20th century has become more feminine in the form of a pretty belted knee-length shirt dress with three-quarter sleeves.

Bonnie raw denim casual dress - Les Petits Printed - casual chic dress eshop

Raw denim dress Bonnie - Les Petits Imprimers

Punctuated by two chest pockets and a series of gold buttons on the bust, pockets and sleeves, this deep blue casual dress goes wonderfully with white sneakers and pretty fine gold jewelry. A beautiful camel leather bag will complete your casual, trendy and timeless look.

7. Casual chic dress

Fluid and sexy, this casual dress in marl gray fine knit enhances your figure like never before. Its originality lies in the twist located under the chest which hides a possible small rounded belly, its V-neck which sublimates your neckline, its line of buttons which lengthens your silhouette and finally, the slit at knee level which gives freedom to your legs.

Gray long-sleeved dress Sara - Les Petits Printed - casual chic dress eshop

Sara gray long-sleeved dress - Les Petits Imprimers

This casual dress is just as suitable for winter with a cardigan, sheer fleece tights and boots, as it is for mid-season, in spring, with finer tights, a perfecto and white trainers.

Casual dress: 7 dresses, 1001 looks

The casual dress has a huge advantage: it goes with all types of shoes and accessories, that's even how we recognize it! The denim dress is the archetype of the casual dress: chic, practical and timeless, it is both simple and ultra-feminine. Sweater dresses and flowing knit dresses have nothing to envy, just as easy to wear as they are to accessorize in street style or loose weekend outfits.

In short, the casual dress, we need it! And you, which one made you fall in love?