Women's Winter Pajamas: 7 Cocooning Nightwear

For cozy and comfortable winter evenings, winter pajamas in soft and warm fleece are a must. We also like to wear it late in the morning , for breakfast , brunch or all day at home when the fall or winter weather is gray . Imagine lounging in bed with a generous cup of hot chocolate and a good book or in front of a feel good movie , a delicious little cocoon as the rain drums on the window and the storm rages outside. For the ultimate in winter comfort , opt for winter women's pajamas in cocooning fleece !

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1. Chic black and white fleece pajamas

The perfect stylish winter pajama set is the classic black and white two piece set! These feminine pajamas consist of a long-sleeved vest with button closure and two large front pockets, as well as loose, straight-cut pants with an elasticated waist. Designed in a material of infinite softness and unparalleled warmth, these pajamas keep you at the top of your comfort all winter long. In addition, the black trim on the buttons, sleeves and pockets adds a touch of elegance. Make yourself comfortable with a hot mug for a cozy moment out of time!

Vanessa black and white fleece pajamas - Les Petits Printed - women's winter pajamas eshop

Vanessa black and white polar fleece pajamas - Les Petits Imprimers

2. Women's Winter Teddy Pajamas

Who says winter pajamas for women says cuteness in sight! This teddy bear pajama set is the perfect illustration of kawaii par excellence. This two-piece nightwear includes a long-sleeved jacket whose cuffs have a thumb hole to keep the wrists warm. The top has a loose fit that ensures your complete freedom of movement. The zipper on the front makes it easy to put on.

The hood with round ears and the pattern of bear paws on the cuffs adds a touch of childlike fantasy. The loose-fitting pants feature an elastic drawcord at the waist for a comfortable, custom fit. We love winter with these cute, 100% comforting pajamas that bring out the child in us. And you, what do you say about it ?

Pauline fleece pajama set - Les Petits Printed - women's winter pajamas eshop

Pauline fleece pajama set - Les Petits Imprimers

3. Panda fleece pajamas

This warm fleece panda pajama jumpsuit is perfect for snuggling up in when the temperature drops. Its white hood with small black ears, its long sleeves with elasticated wrists and ankles provide perfect thermal insulation. Two large front pockets allow you to store items to keep close at hand or tuck in your cool hands for gentle warmth. For lounging around the house, as a costume or for a humorous sleepover, anything goes with this adorable panda pajama jumpsuit.

Panda pajama jumpsuit - Les Petits Printed - women's winter pajamas eshop

Panda pajama jumpsuit - Les Petits Imprimers

4. Fleece Teddy Pajamas

Cuteness number 2: the colorful teddy bear jumpsuit. Stay warm from head to toe in this most comfortable fleece onesie. In addition, its hood with small ears makes you even more endearing. This cute long-sleeved pajama jumpsuit is perfect for snuggling up on on cold winter nights or for having a blast on a sleepover with the girls.

Teddy fleece onesie - Les Petits Printed - women's winter pajamas eshop

Teddy fleece onesie - Les Petits Printed (available in 5 colors)

5. Women's winter cocooning pajama set

Immaculately white, these snow-white fleece two-piece pajamas are very thick, soft and comfortable. Composed of a long-sleeved V-neck cardigan with two front pockets and loose-fitting flowing pants, this nightwear maintains your body heat and ensures total ease of movement. As a bonus, its pattern of Irish cable knit imitation wool sweater is a sign that winter outfits are in order.

Cream fleece pajama set - Les Petits Imprimers - women's winter pajamas eshop

Cream fleece pajama set - Les Petits Printed (also available in grey)

6. Fleece Onesie

Looking for one-piece women's winter pajamas that keep you warm from head to toe? Discover this pretty fleece jumpsuit designed in a fleece fabric to keep you in the heart of pleasant warmth. Its hood with round ears adds a touch of adorable whimsy. And if you want to freshen up (or go to the bathroom), no problem: just open the zipper on the back. The long sleeves and the elasticated wrists and ankles totally insulate you from the cold and make these black fleece pajamas perfect for all body types, at the same time.

Black fleece onesie with ears - Les Petits Imprimers - women's fleece pajamas eshop

Black fleece onesie with ears - Les Petits Imprimers

7. Thermal assembly

As winter thermal pajamas or underwear, to wear day or night, this thermo-regulating fine knit thermal set is ultra soft to the touch, keeps you warm and protects you from the cold. Made of an innovative material, it is antimicrobial, breathable, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, odor-resistant and completely invisible under clothing. , Fight the cold in style: adopt this set of thermal underwear consisting of a long-sleeved t-shirt with a scoop neck and fitted pants.

Thermal underwear - Les Petits Printed - women's winter pajamas eshop

Cream thermal underwear - Les Petits Printed (also available in gray and black)

Complete your homewear outfit with pretty warm socks

Women's winter pajamas: an essential!

It doesn't matter if the weather outside is terrible, create your cozy little cocoon out of time, your comforting home sweet home. And it starts with warm and cozy pajamas, elegant pilou pilou. For sleeping, lounging under the duvet, hanging out or enjoying your home, our collection of women's winter pajamas, made from soft materials, includes a variety of styles and designs that should please you. Panda jumpsuit or elegant two-piece pajamas, teddy onesie or two-piece bear pajamas, don't wait any longer to snuggle up in your new casual sleepwear while keeping your freedom of movement, and enjoy the cold weather in style!