High Waist Pants: 4 Chic and Original Models

To lengthen your figure, look taller while refining your silhouette , nothing like high waisted pants . Waist marked at the navel, flat stomach, sheathed hips (love handles too!), high-waisted pants are particularly flattering . Its material , its cut and its plain or printed color set the tone of the look . For a casual or dressy , classic or original outfit, high- waisted pants are a timeless piece. Here are 4 high-waisted pants to structure, lengthen and refine your silhouette with elegance .

1. Original Loose High Waist Pants

Between the pants and the skirt, these high-waisted pants with a split in the front on both legs up to mid-thigh are as original as they are elegant. These loose-fitting trousers mark the slender waist with a tone-on-tone tie belt. It sheaths the belly and the hips before flaring out to offer a magnificent volume around the legs.

High-waisted wide-leg satin trousers with slits - Les Petits Imprimers - women's high-waisted trousers eshop

Wide-leg high-waisted pants Héloïse - Les Petits Imprimers

Its fluid material makes it easy and pleasant to wear, even in hot weather. As for its burgundy, wine-red color, it brings sophistication to your outfit, reinforced by the satin fabric which catches the light and therefore creates sublime plays of shadow. However, these wide cut pants are suitable for a casual look, with a simple white t-shirt and white sneakers for example.

2. High-waisted wide-leg jeans

High waisted jeans are an absolute must have in your wardrobe. Timeless and versatile, it goes with all your clothes and shoes. From looking super cool to dressing up for a chic night out with high heels, high waisted jean pants are your best friend.

Wide high-waisted jeans Vanessa - Les Petits Printed - women's high-waisted jeans eshop

Wide high-waisted jeans Vanessa - Les Petits Imprimers

Its very trendy straight cut lengthens your legs with ease, while its faded blue color shows its relaxed, casual chic side, ideal in all circumstances.

3. Black floral-embroidered tailored pants

Are you looking for black high-waisted pants that go with everything and structure your lower body? Great, you just found it! Sober and elegant, these darted trousers are feminine/masculine and furiously reminiscent of men's suit trousers. Its straight cut tapers the legs and lengthens your silhouette with its vertical lines. The large side pockets of these suit pants welcome your hands for a chic casual pose.

Gina high-waisted wide-leg pants - Les Petits Printed - eshop black high-waisted pants

Gina high-waisted wide-leg pants - Les Petits Imprimers

To break this sobriety, the waist is lit up with a braid of embroidered daisies, which can be found on the back pocket. In addition, two pretty shiny black buttons bring the feminine touch. To accompany it, a pretty shirt or an original white blouse and/or a thin sweater will do wonders. Opt for the total costume look by adding a black blazer jacket . Enhance your silhouette with a pretty pair of heels, black for sobriety, nude to lengthen your legs or metallic or highly colored if you dare.

4. Chic high-waisted pants

If you're looking for anything but ordinary high-waisted pants, this is the real gem. The high waist and tapered legs are super flattering for all body types. But the real star of the show is the asymmetrical button closure. This is THE touch that distinguishes these pants from the others. Made from a lightweight, slightly sheer fabric, these pants are perfect for a dressy night out or as a smart-casual outfit for a day at the office. These pants ensure you always look your best.

Fluid high-waisted pants - Les Petits Printed - women's chic high-waisted pants eshop

Emi fluid high-waisted trousers - Les Petits Imprimers

Chic high-waisted pants: four original looks

High waisted pants are a must have for any fashion conscious person. Not only do they elongate your legs and elongate your figure, but they also give you an instant boost of confidence. Plus, high-waisted pants are incredibly flattering and can fit into a dressy or casual look, easily adapting to any occasion.

So whether you're looking for the perfect pair of pants to wear to work or for a night out on the town, try our four high-waisted pants. You will not be disappointed !