Women's Nightie: 12 Highly Sensual Models

A real nocturnal charm asset , the babydoll highlights the seductive woman who lies dormant in you. Refined with lace yokes, sophisticated with soft and sensual materials, worked with games of transparency , this nightwear is reinvented through chic and original cuts and materials... for our greatest pleasure! To sleep or to seduce, here is a little parade of sexy babydolls .

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1. Satin nightie

The white Patty nightie with an empire cut is as elegant as it is refined thanks to the transparent white tulle, the very finely worked lace and its material with luminous satiny reflections.

White lace satin nightie - Les Petits Printed - eshop sexy nighties for women

White satin nightie with fine lace Patty - Les Petits Imprimers

Equipped with thin straps that cross at the back and a deep neckline underlined with tulle, very flattering for your breasts, this sexy short nightie with slits on both sides at the top of the thighs is particularly delicate with its sophisticated lace. The floral and geometric pattern connects the two satin sections, revealing your transparency from your chest to your buttocks. An ideal wedding nightgown. A true delight !

Bonus: the matching thong comes with your babydoll.

2. See-through babydoll

The romantic babydoll is adorned with powder pink, semi-transparent lace and a flowing material that is infinitely pleasant to wear and caress...

Celestial pink lace nightie - Les Petits Printed - women's nightie eshop

Celestial pink babydoll (exists in black and red) - Les Petits Imprimers

You are absolutely divine in this sheer babydoll in floral lace with thin straps, the sheer skirt of which reveals the matching thong. Your waist is slimmed down by the V-shaped lace. As for the design cutouts on the sides which draw you a wasp waist, they give the illusion that you are only wearing a bra and a flowing skirt once your back is turned .

Finally, this nightie with underwired balconette cups enhances the roundness of your chest with a slight push-up effect and adjustable straps. Enough to panic many senses with this pink babydoll nightie ...

Discover the whole collection of fine lingerie here...

3. Silk nightie

Ah, the happiness of the skin-of-silk touch of a nightie without underwiring , the warm satin reflections in the soft light and above all, a lace neckline with a floral pattern to die for, the silk negligee that slips from your shoulders, along your your curves, down to your feet, your body revealed by the flame of a candle...

Women's silk negligee kimono nightie - Les Petits Printed - Women's kimono eshop

Dark pink silk-touch nightie and Symphony silk kimono (available in 4 shades) - Les Petits Imprimers

The soft pink, passion red or mysterious black shades of the Symphonie lace and silk nightie accompany the different facets of your personality for a sensual evening and a voluptuous night.

4. Black babydoll

An iconic piece at Les Petits Printed, the velvet nightie with transparent lace inserts embodies charm and passion, seduction and sensuality, in short, the femme fatale. This short babydoll in soft and warm material enhances your neckline and your back with its absolutely fabulous open back.

Mélodie black nightie (also available in red) - Les Petits Imprimers

Its flared cut hides the rounded hips while its plunging lace neckline highlights your chest. A real marvel! No one will be able to resist you in this sexy babydoll , as elegant as it is original, refined and erotic, which subtly reveals...

5. Satin nightie

Sleek and minimalist, the satin nightie is soft, silky and comfortable. Its V-neck, its thin adjustable straps crossed at the back, its knee length and its high-quality finishes ensure you all the elegance and comfort you need for a special occasion or to fall into the arms of Morpheus in complete serenity.

Manon pink crossed back satin nightie - Les Petits Printed - women's nightie eshop

Pink crossed back satin nightie Manon (available in 5 colors) - Les Petits Printed

Complete your nightwear with the matching Manon short satiny dressing gown , very elegant with its black edging.

6. Red Babydoll

Glamorous as possible, the red satin nightie sublimates your curves and your sensuality with its scarlet reflections. Red passion, red desire, red like a woman sure of herself.

Aerin red satin nightie and matching kimono - Les Petits Printed - women's nightie eshop

Aerin red satin nightie and matching kimono (available in 5 colors) - Les Petits Printed

The originality of this nightie with thin straps is of course due to the twist between the breasts and the neckline which continues almost to the navel, revealing the upper belly. The adornment made up of the red babydoll and its matching satin kimono will surely not leave you indifferent... far from it!

7. Cotton nightie

The cotton babydoll for women is the best nightgown option for sleeping well while regulating your body temperature. Natural, hypoallergenic and thermoregulating, cotton envelops you in softness for your beautiful nights in the arms of Morpheus.

Romy white cotton nightie - Les Petits Printed - women's cotton nightie eshop

Romy white cotton nightie - Les Petits Imprimers

The Romy white cotton babydoll gives you all the freedom of movement to experience great nocturnal adventures or simply to be comfortable, from evening to late breakfast on Sunday morning. Its ample trapeze cut is only held back by an original American neckline adorned with fine lace. The babydoll is covered with pretty discreet and satiny patterns. With ease (or almost)!

8. Short bohemian nightie in cotton

Follower of the bohemian style, do you like to wear boho pieces in your bedroom? Then this bohemian cotton nightie is made for you. This soft and natural material is ideal for regenerating with quality sleep.

Bohemian cotton nightie Inaya - Les Petits Printed - women's bohemian cotton nightie eshop

Inaya terracotta cotton bohemian nightie (also available in white and black) - Les Petits Imprimers

The loose trapeze cut in a gathered petticoat gives movement to your legs without constricting your waist. And the thin straps holding back a triangle neckline add the sexy touch. A daydream...

9. Linen and cotton babydoll

Simplicity, naturalness and elegance qualify this seemingly minimalist babydoll. In appearance only. Designed in linen and cotton, this short nightie has a magnificent open back laced with thin straps.

Linen and cotton nightie Iris - Les Petits Printed - women's nightie eshop

Black linen and cotton nightie Iris (available in white and terracotta) - Les Petits Printed

Its straight cut and open neckline allow your body to express itself freely and sensually, awake as well as asleep.

10. Mid-Length Black Babydoll

Minimalist and refined, this flared nightie with thin straps, square neckline and empire cut (marked waist just under the chest) is illustrated by pretty original knots to tie on the shoulders and on the sides, at the level of the ribs.

Gabrielle black nightie - Les Petits Imprimers - women's simple nightie shop

Gabrielle black nightie - Little Prints

Designed in viscose and spandex for maximum comfort during the night, this mid-thigh nightie is ultra soft and very pleasant to wear thanks to its breathable material.

11. Loose short lace babydoll

Fluid and comfortable to wear, this anthracite gray babydoll with thin adjustable straps has a magnificent plunging V neckline edged with fine white lace embroidery punctuated with charming little white bows in the middle of the breasts.

Short cotton-blend nightie Mya - Les Petits Printed - women's cotton nightie eshop

Short cotton-blend nightie Mya - Les Petits Imprimers

The elasticated back allows the babydoll to adapt to all morphologies by prioritizing comfort. However, the fluid cut and the very soft material make it an ideal sexy night dress for feeling relaxed at home, a romantic evening, a relaxed breakfast or a regenerating night's rest.

12. Loose White Nightgown

The long white satin nightgown gives you a sophisticated and relaxed look at the same time. Worked by the shirt cut and the shiny material, relaxed by the amplitude of the straight fall and the fluidity of the shirt.

Roxane long white nightgown - Les Petits Printed - eshop women's nightgowns

Long white nightgown Roxane - Les Petits Imprimers

The originality and femininity of this nightwear lies in the thinning of white lace ruffles running down the back and on the long sleeves. Be chic, elegant, simple and sophisticated as soon as you wake up.

Women's Nightie: irresistible until the end of the night

For a seductive evening or all night long, the very sexy babydoll is your best ally as soon as the light drops. Much more elegant than the majority of pajamas or nightgowns (except the Petits Printed models, of course!), this nightwear is ideal for decompressing from the day in all fantasy and femininity, reading a good book and enjoying the cocooning evening in all casualness, for pure selfish pleasure.

But the nightie for women is also ideal for seducing, spicing up the couple, awakening the dormant flame... Adorned with lace, transparency and an absolutely divine bare back, you are ready to subjugate the object of your desire. Or fall into the arms of Morpheus with all the comfort, all the freedom of movement necessary for a restful sleep thanks to this nightwear . And why not wear one of these babydolls under your dress ?

We love all of our nightgowns for women . And you, what is your favorite babydoll or nightgown ?

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