How to Dress Well According to Your Morphology?

What clothes suit you best? What clothes and what fashion accessories should you absolutely avoid at the risk of accentuating your complexes ? If you're lost among all the fashion advice on the web, rest assured: you've come to the right place. You will discover the step by step to learn how to dress well according to your morphology . As a bonus, you will leave with advice on looks and a list of pieces to avoid. Small clarification: fashion is made to feel beautiful and have fun . So, don't feel guilty if you love a garment that shows your personality but doesn't match your body shape 100%. A little levity in life, what the devil! So, are you an A, H, V, X or O body type ? What clothes to wear to re- proportion / rebalance your figure ? Follow the guide!

what clothes to wear according to your morphology - fashion advice - small prints - women's fashion eshop

How to dress with a morphology A?

How do I know if I am body type A?

Morphology A is characterized by:

  • shoulders narrower than the hips;
  • slightly rounded or even very rounded hips;
  • a marked size
  • a slim, normal, luscious and even very luscious figure.

Fashion tips for body type A

Two tips to enhance your morphology A:

  1. flesh out your bust, accentuate your build;
  2. slim down your hips and legs.

Look ideas for body type A

1. Structured top and fluid bottom

To flesh out the bust, you can afford the bustier top, the bardot collar, the little frills on the shoulders and the patterned tops to draw the eye to your upper body.

At the bottom, straight flowing trousers or a pleated skirt in a high-waisted flowing material are ideal for emphasizing the waist without accentuating the hips. The high waist elongates the leg and the verticals of the pleated skirt will make you look taller. Especially if you add high heels.

women's high-waisted short skirt with belt morphology A - small prints - women's fashion eshop

A very light high-waisted mid-length short skirt , with a straight fit and which marks the waist: ideal for your morphology A - Les Petits Imprimers

Are you small? Prefer the 7/8 cut in pants. Showing off your ankle slims the leg and makes you look taller.

2. Boyfriend Fitted Shoulder Jacket

The shouldered jacket is the perfect garment to widen narrow shoulders. Warning: light shoulder pads. It is more about structuring rather than expanding like in the 1980s.

On the other hand, mark your waist well with a belt. Unless you are plump: wear your jacket open with the belt tied in the back.

Among the jackets that suit you best, you can afford the perfecto with a very wide collar, the wide bomber jacket, the rigid denim jacket (take one size larger than your usual size).

3. Colorful top and dark bottom

Rebalancing your silhouette consists in directing the gaze of others on your strengths rather than your complexes. Emphasize your bust with a colorful, plain or patterned top.

how to dress well according to your body type - Navy blue top with Bardot collar Yilin - Les Petits Imprimers - eshop woman body type A

Navy blue top with Bardot collar Yilin : the ideal piece to balance your shoulders and your hips - Les Petits Imprimers

At the bottom, wear navy blue, brown, gray or black. But only fluid and vaporous materials will refine your legs. No fabrics that are too stiff like tweed or real denim.

4. Straight or bootcut high-waisted pants

The next time you choose pants, target high-waisted pants that mark the waistline subtly. Don't forget: fluid material at all costs! Thus, your pants will rest quietly on your hips without molding them or tightening them.

5. Accessories

Another way to draw attention to your shoulders is to wear a bright, colorful necklace. We also think of a scarf or scarf that shows the finesse of the neck and rests on the shoulders which will appear wider.

To avoid if you are morphology A

  1. Ban chinos: puffy on the hips and tight at the bottom, just what you don't want!
  2. Banish the peplum top: tight on the chest and shoulders that flare out on the hips: ideal for accentuating your hips, which are already a little too wide.

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Morphology H: how to dress well?

How do I know if I have an H body type?

The H morphology has:

  • shoulders aligned with waist and hips.
  • size not marked.

Fashion tips for body type H

  1. Emphasize your shoulders.
  2. Thicken your hips.
  3. Do not mark the size.

Your goal is to create a "false waistline" by choosing clothes and accessories that will flesh out the top and bottom of your figure.

    Look ideas for body type H

    1. Wide collar top and jacket

    To widen your build, there's nothing like a flared collar like the boat neck, the Bardot collar and even the horizontal stripes (unless you have a small belly).

    You can also set your sights on a trench coat or a biker jacket with large lapels at the neckline.

    2. Straight skirt or dress that doesn't mold

    You have the ideal morphology to wear a straight dress (also known as a cover dress). If you're not comfortable showing off your legs, wear black opaque tights. Or bet on a dress that falls to the knee or even below the knee (if you are tall).

    Straight pleated jumper dress - Les Petits Printed - eshop dress for women body type H

    Straight pleated jumper dress - Les Petits Imprimers

    3. A-line dress or skirt

    The trapeze or flared cut is the perfect cut to promote an impression of volume at the bottom of the body and create a slimmer waist.

    For skirts, opt for a high waist always refining, especially if you have a small belly.

    Sistine trapeze ecru wool skirt - Les Petits Printed - eshop women's skirt body type A

    Sistine trapeze ecru wool skirt - Les Petits Imprimers

    Look idea: a white boat-neck top and a straight leather skirt worn with a slightly fitted and barely shouldered jacket worn open. Choose your long jacket if you are tall or shorter, at the pelvis (also called 3/4) if you are small).

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    4. Straight or flared denim pants

    Like the trapeze cut on a dress or skirt, the pants or jeans that show you off the most are those that flare out at the bottom to create different volumes to give the illusion of a slim waist.

    To avoid if you are morphology H

    1. Avoid tight dresses that reveal the lack of size.
    2. Ban the skin-tight jumpsuit for the same reason.
    3. Do not bend with a belt: you will thicken your silhouette.

    Morphology V: balance the silhouette

    How do I know if I have body type V?

    Your morphology is in V if:

    • your shoulders are wider than your hips;
    • your hips are narrow
    • your figure is slim to very luscious.

    You have the morphology of a swimmer, with a developed build and a narrow pelvis.

    Fashion tips for body type V

    1. Fill out the bottom of the silhouette;
    2. Refine your frame.

    Look ideas for body type V

    1. A-line dress or skirt

    The trapeze cut is the best cut to widen your hips while refining your bust. Opt for a V-neck or wrap-over if you have a generous chest. Small busts can afford all types of necklines, but avoid boat necks, bardot necks and halternecks that emphasize your shoulders.

    floral mid-length dress - small prints - women's fashion eshop

    Floral mid-length dress - Les Petits Imprimers

    2. Peplum top

    The peplum top is tight on the chest and shoulders and flares out below the waist to rest on the hips. Ideal for your morphology!

    3. Tight top and low-rise, wide-leg pants with pockets or darts

    On the pants side, favor the low waist and cuts that accentuate the hips such as:

    • chinos that bring volume to the hips, reinforced with side pockets and a slightly loose fit
    • pleated pants
    • pants with bridge
    • paisley pattern or military print trousers such as baggy pants.

    4. Long belted coat

    For you, the jacket or coat is worn in a fluid material, without shoulder pads and belted to show your hips to the maximum.

    To avoid if you are morphology V

    1. Avoid jackets with shoulder pads
    2. Ban bustier tops
    3. American armholes
    4. horizontal stripes
    5. jackets with large collars such as trench coats or wide-collared biker jackets

    How to highlight a morphology X or 8?

    How do I know if I am morphology X or 8?

    You are a woman X (also called 8) if:

    • your shoulders are as wide as your hips;
    • your size is marked;
    • the X version is thinner than the 8, which has more generous shapes. The difference concerns the materials: fluid for the morpho 8, thick, structuring and rigid for the X.

    Fashion tips for body type X or 8

    During your shopping sprees, only try on clothes that mark the waist and subtly highlight your hips.

    Look ideas for body type X or 8

    1. Wrap dress or crossover top

    The wrap dress or the crossover top are perfect for creating a slimming V neckline while emphasizing your slim waist. Puffy or tight, everything suits you. If you have a small chest, prefer the square-shaped plunging neckline instead.

    2. Belt your waist

    Your main asset is undoubtedly your slim waist. So mark it to visually balance your figure. Enrich your dressing room with belts to wear over a long top, a dress, high-waisted pants and even over a cardigan (closed if it replaces your top, or open if worn over it).

    3. Dress or top with American armhole

    The American armhole releases the shoulders to better highlight them. At the same time, if the dress brings volume to the hips while being fitted at the waist, it's impeccable for you! Like these two models:

    low-cut floral dress - small prints - eshop floral mid-length dress

    Floral dress with Nymphea neckline - Les Petits Imprimers

    4. High waisted pants or jeans

    Again, anything goes to show off your hourglass figure. Pants, jeans or skirts are all worn high-waisted to show off the finesse of your body and lengthen your legs.

    Opt for high-waisted flared jeans if your hips are a little rounded. Otherwise, opt for a slim.

    To avoid if you are morphology X or 8

    Nothing ! Everything suits you perfectly. You are very well proportioned. No need to hide or enhance one asset over another. Except your wasp waist.

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    Balancing an O morphology: instructions for use

    How do I know if I have an O body type?

    An O morphology has luscious, generous and voluptuous forms. It is characterized by a luscious chest, wide hips and plump buttocks.

    Fashion tips for body type O

    Highlight your strengths:

    1. Your chest if you consider it your best asset;
    2. Your hips and buttocks if you like them more than the rest of your body.
    3. Mark your size.

    Look ideas for body type O

    If you think your chest should be highlighted rather than the rest of your body, go in search of pretty tops that do not fall into vulgarity.

    1. Wrap top or dress

    The neckline of a top or a wrap dress is the most beautiful form of neckline for a generous chest. It refines your bust thanks to its V-shape, lengthens your neck and gives the illusion of a slightly less generous chest (unlike the round neck which accentuates it).

    2. Tops with t-shirts, three quarter or long sleeves

    The O morphology has round shoulders that widen their silhouette if they wear tank tops (thin or wide straps). Instead, favor sleeves that cover the shoulders to refine your arms.

    Wrap top with wide sleeves - small prints - women's fashion eshop
    This pretty bohemian top with a floral print slims the arms, draws a pretty wrap-around V neckline and belted is perfect for body types O: all your assets are highlighted - Les Petits Imprimers

    3. Belt and high waist

    Belt your jackets to refine your silhouette. If it's too much for you, wear your jacket open (preferably long, to slim down) with the belt tied in the back. You will look slimmer in a large open coat.

    At the bottom, opt for long high-waisted skirts, preferably pleated. Or high-waisted pants cut in a flowing, non-tight material.

    To avoid if you are morphology O

    1. avoid hiding under oversized clothing (even if it's tempting)
    2. avoid small boots that cut the leg and compact the silhouette (worse: small boots + short skirt or shorts that cut the leg twice)
    3. tank tops whose thin straps magnify the round shoulders and arms.

    How to dress well according to your morphology?

    Now you have all the keys to creating looks that will highlight your assets and hide your little complexes. Test for yourself at home or in the fitting room to find the best combinations of clothes and accessories according to your morphology but also, your colorimetry .

    Have fun with fashion!