Spring 2022 Women's Fashion: 4 Super Trendy Prints

Sunny days are on their way, spring is timidly setting in: it's time to think about spring fashion and its cheerful, bright and feminine prints . What better way to display your good taste in clothing with a touch of originality than by adding one or more patterns to your outfit ?! What does the new collection , the spring/summer 2022 trend , have in store for you? In total look or mini, women's fashion for spring 2022 plays on 4 essential prints that it revisits for our greatest pleasure.

1. The floral print, a must-have for spring

Feminine, a symbol of youth, renewal and ephemerality, the floral print is once again an essential part of your spring wardrobe. The midi dress, with flower print, fitted at the waist is the perfect piece to accompany you during this season (and even during the cool summer evenings).

Elegant and refined, the floral dress can be worn just as well with white sneakers in street style as with ankle boots, ankle boots, ballet flats, derbies or moccasins to go to work or go out with friends.

Accompany the softness of this midi dress with the black blazer jacket - Elliot or, on the contrary, break its candor with a black leather jacket.

Black floral dress - Les Petits Printed - eshop long black floral dress

Mid-Length Floral Dress - Small Prints

Shorter, more glamorous, sexier and just as spring-like, even summery, the Nymphéa floral print dress highlights your neckline, your bare shoulders, but also your defined back thanks to a vertiginous bare back structured by an interlacing of thin straps.

Short floral open back dress Nymphea - Les Petits Printed - eshop sexy floral print dress for women

Low- cut floral dress Nymphea - Les Petits Imprimers

The floral motif is reinvented in a minimalist and naive, almost childish spirit for this spring/summer 2022 season. Thus, the magnificent stylized Sakura cherry blossom lights up this wrap-over belted crop top blouse with a dizzying V neckline. An original floral top to adopt if you telecommute .

spring summer 2021 women's fashion - Sakura cherry blossom kimono blouse - Les Petits Printed - original women's crop top eshop

Kimono blouse with Sakura cherry blossoms - Les Petits Imprimers

The floral nature also invites itself on the short skirt where the flowers and the leaves are embroidered one by one to represent a luxuriant garden in full bloom, a canvas worthy of a great master.


Short high-waisted floral skirt - Les Petits Imprimers

If you're preparing your tan in the spring, this yellow 2-piece swimsuit with a hibiscus flower pattern has the gift of vitaminizing your day. Its bandeau shape avoids the trace of straps and its knot tied on the chest refines a resolutely pin-up spirit, not to mention the hibiscus flower symbol of welcome to Hawaii. Hello!

Bandeau two-piece swimsuit Hibiscus - Les Petits Printed - women's bikini swimwear eshop

Hibiscus two-piece swimsuit - Les Petits Imprimers

2. The definitely gourmet fruit pattern

Can we dress sober and original? Of course you do, with this cherry print shirt dress. This delicious spring fruit contrasts happily with the light blue color of an elegant, original and pleasant to wear dress.

Sky blue shirt dress - Les Petits Imprimers - eshop Sky blue shirt dress with cherry print

Shirt Dress - Yunna - Small Prints

The fruity print is also invited on the pajamas for a pep and vitamin awakening to start the day with a big bowl of good humor. There's nothing like a few pineapples dancing on the sparkling yellow cotton crepe veil of your short-sleeved pajamas to start the day with overflowing motivation.

Yellow pajamas with pineapple prints for women Les Petits Imprimers

Women's Pineapple Pajamas - Les Petits Imprimers

3. Tropical Jungle print

This season again, the jumpsuit is a star of women's fashion. However, the combination has certain practical disadvantages when you do not wish to undress completely.

The ideal alternative to the chic and casual combination is the top + high waisted pants set. Here is a tropical jungle print set with a bohemian spirit. Ultra fluid, it is designed in an airy veil to be worn even in scorching heat.

Its thin straps highlight your bare shoulders. Its crop top cut associated with the tied belt mark your waist while keeping a loose straight silhouette, whose comfort is appreciable in high summer temperatures. The black lining ensures total opacity. A vegetal, refreshing and airy ensemble imbued with elegance and modernity.

Amy pleated Sun top and pants set - Les Petits Printed - women's summer 2022 eshop look

Pleated Soleil top and pants set Amy - Les Petits Imprimers

4. Animal print

The animal print signs and persists again this season by combining with floral motifs and jungle prints. The animal print expresses all its originality on a high-quality classic piece, such as this tank top with thin straps, loose fitting and silk skin feel. The tropical scene mixes animals from the African savannah, lush vegetation and shimmering colors. A true work of art!

women's tropical print tank top - small prints - eshop women's fashion jungle print

Tropical silk skin-feel tank top - Les Petits Imprimers

Apparently simple and effective pieces often reveal great assets to create a sophisticated and original look. This is the case with this sleeveless mid-length straight dress, with a boat neck and tied with a drawstring at the waist. A simple dress, but only in appearance.

Here, the animal print is more discreet, smaller and intimately mixed with the jungle motif, revisited in pink and orange tones. Another major advantage of this dress: its rare and exceptional material, natural mulberry silk.

Pink floral dress in natural mulberry silk - Les Petits Printed - eshop women's dress with animal flower pattern

Pink floral dress in natural mulberry silk - Les Petits Printed

When prints turn into jewelry

From clothing to accessory, there is only one step. If you prefer prints in a mini version, opt for a beautiful pair of flower, vegetable or animal earrings, a jungle print bag or pumps or even a necklace, bracelet or hair jewellery. Some examples...

As you will have understood, the flower is an essential part of the women's wardrobe in the spring. In dangling earrings, these daisies can either be the original highlight of your outfit, or dialogue with other flowers printed on one of your clothes: it's the floral/vegetal mix & match, essential this season.

Golden leaf earrings - Les Petits Printed - eshop chic women's fancy earrings

Golden leaf earrings - Les Petits Imprimers

The flowers also appear as a crown in a rose gold necklace and bracelet, an analogy to the circular flower arrangements that have been popping up on social media for some time.

Rose gold flower crown necklace and bracelet set - Les Petits Printed - eshop original costume jewelry for women

Necklace and bracelet set rose gold flower crown - Les Petits Imprimers

Discover other pairs of flower earrings here

Pep's, vitaminized, colorful, original, asymmetrical: the fruity Pineapple and Banana earrings are as much unique jewelry as a demonstration of your own self-mockery. You like humor and it shows! Your friends love you for it, so show it even more.

Asymmetrical pineapple and banana earrings - Les Petits Printed - eshop for women's dangling earrings

Asymmetrical pineapple and banana earrings - Les Petits Imprimers

Elegant, refined and sophisticated, these cherry earrings with a golden stem are minimalist and refined, typically in the Japanese spirit that they contain in their transparent pink pulp. Indeed, these cherries are home to real Japanese cherry petals, the Sakura.

A symbol of freshness, of spring renewal, of youth but also of instantaneousness and rapid aging, the Sakura flowers are immobilized here for eternity in their crazy twirling dance in a cherry. A delicious, gourmet and juicy fruit that undoubtedly brings back happy childhood memories of picking and carefree games.

Sakura cherry earrings containing real Japanese cherry blossom petals - small prints - eshop original dangling earrings for chic women

Sakura Cherry earrings containing real Japanese cherry blossom petals - Les Petits Printed (also available in carmine red)

Spring 2022 Women's Fashion: which print will you fall for?

In the spring, women's fashion frees itself from winter sobriety, heavy materials and all-purpose tones. Long live the fluidity of the materials, long live the color and long live the prints that bring originality to your outfits!

Floral or animal print, jungle or fruit pattern: which one will you be tempted by this season? As a total look with a dress, jumpsuit or two-piece set or as a mini on an accessory, jewelry or shoes, prints reveal your personality.

Do you dare to dare the prints?