1 Piece Swimsuit: 12 Sublime Models

Are you looking for a beautiful one-piece swimsuit that flatters you, is comfortable, practical and stays in place during your leisure time? Yet finding a chic one-piece swimsuit often feels like mission impossible. Between old-fashioned "granny" models or sports one-piece swimsuits for women , where are the superb modern and feminine one-piece swimsuits? A swimsuit with slimming, flat and sheathing stomach but also trendy and feminine ? Les Petits Printed have imagined 12 models of one-piece swimsuits , fashionable and adapted to your morphology . You will undoubtedly find the swimwear that sublimates your body on the beach, at the swimming pool, while rafting and even while climbing in the Verdon!

1. Black sheathing swimsuit

This black and gold one-piece swimsuit is the swimsuit of a pure goddess! An incredible neckline, a bare back to die for, a marked waist and a super sexy cutout! The perfect marriage of dark black and elegant glittery gold/bronze to enhance your figure covered in a pleasant and structuring material.

black gold one-piece swimsuit - small prints - eshop sexy one-piece swimsuit

Black and gold swimsuit Nora - Les Petits Imprimers

As a bonus, this superb swimwear has removable pads that subtly shape your breasts and provide optimal support. Polyamide mesh combines with spandex for maximum comfort and quick drying. We are completely IN LOVE!

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2. Long-sleeved swimsuit

Sophisticated, glamorous and stunning: this long-sleeved swimsuit is a true piece of fashion... suitable for the water! Worthy of the naiad that you are, this swimsuit enhances your silhouette with its plunging neckline to between the breasts, underlined by a pretty removable belt with buckle.

Safia white long-sleeved swimsuit - Les Petits Printed - eshop chic one-piece swimsuit

Safia white long-sleeved swimsuit - Les Petits Imprimers

Created in white and black, this one-piece swimsuit with long tapered sleeves has chest protectors for perfect comfort and optimal support. Superb swimwear that perfectly imitates the chic bodysuit . We love !

Safia black long-sleeved swimsuit - Les Petits Printed - chic swimwear eshop

Safia black long-sleeved swimsuit - Les Petits Imprimers

3. Glam chic sculpting swimsuit

The black one-piece swimsuit is a must, but often banal. Here, the black swimsuit sublimates your mermaid body with a game of transparency thanks to designer cutouts in dotted Swiss dots.

Ava black and dotted Swiss one-piece swimsuit - Les Petits Printed - eshop sexy one-piece swimsuits

Ava black and Swiss dotted one-piece swimsuit - Les Petits Imprimers

Its cut starts with a round neckline with American neckline clearing the shoulders, continues with a deep neckline to the navel embellished with dotted Swiss. Plumetis which also sublimates your hips in all elegance. As for the waist, marked by an elasticated black band, it appears slimmer than ever. Finally, the back features a large teardrop cutout that produces a very sensual allure. A glam chic piece that will attract many admiring glances...

4. Khaki green one-piece swimsuit

Original, elegant and trendy, this ruffled swimsuit surprises with its designer cut and its spectacular V neckline, plunging to the middle of the belly. This swimsuit with thin straps almost gives the illusion of a 2-piece swimsuit with a top with small ruffles at the waist that ties at the front with an ultra sexy thin cord.

Ella khaki green one-piece swimsuit - Les Petits Imprimers - ready-to-wear boutique one-piece swimsuit

Ella khaki green one-piece swimsuit - Les Petits Imprimers

Your back is enhanced by a fine crossover lacing that largely clears the shoulders, for an absolutely divine sensual effect. In short, a very trendy swimsuit that embellishes all skin tones and goes very well with pretty golden jewelry and a beach bag in natural materials .

5. White Halterneck 1-Piece Swimsuit

Fresh and romantic, this white ribbed knit swimsuit enhances your back with its magnificent bow delicately encircling your waist, at the bottom of a pretty open back framed with thin straps.

Constance white one-piece swimsuit - Les Petits Imprimers - ready-to-wear eshop one-piece swimsuit with open back

Constance white one-piece swimsuit - Les Petits Imprimers

At the front, its fitted cut features a pretty V neckline that elevates your neck while the vertical ribbed knit slims and sheaths your bust. A pretty straw hat and a floral pareo are the perfect complement to your beautiful beach outfit.

6. Lace swimsuit

The selection of one-piece swimsuits starts strong, very strong, with this sensual, refined and ultra-feminine lace swimsuit. At the border of lingerie bodysuit, this underwired lace swimsuit takes up the codes of the corset in a sexy cut, a material suitable for swimming and a material, sheathing of course, but comfortable, pleasant and which facilitates your goddess movements, in water as on the sand or at the edge of the swimming pool.

Clara red lace one-piece swimsuit - Les Petits Printed - eshop sexy women's one-piece swimsuits

Clara red lace one-piece swimsuit (sold out) - Les Petits Imprimers

Sculptural effect guaranteed with this swimsuit whose lace with geometric patterns plays the game of transparency on your delicately sheathed belly as well as on the curves of your hips for an incredible, absolutely divine look.

Clara white lace one-piece swimsuit - Les Petits Printed - eshop women's one-piece swimsuits

Clara white lace one-piece swimsuit (sold out) - Les Petits Imprimers

Small removable push-up pads can increase the volume of your cleavage if desired. Finally, a pretty bow in the back confirms that this one-piece swimsuit rivals in elegance and refinement with the most beautiful pieces of fine lingerie.

Clara black lace one-piece swimsuit with black lace beach kimono - Les Petits Printed - eshop women's one-piece swimsuits

Clara black lace one-piece swimsuit (sold out) - Les Petits Imprimers

7. Side-laced yellow one-piece swimsuit

Are you looking for a one-piece swimsuit worthy of the most famous Instagram influencers ? A chic and sophisticated, original and sexy swimsuit, which suggests and shows at the same time? Look no further, it's here...

Lyana yellow lacing swimsuit - Les Petits Printed - eshop women's sexy summer one-piece swimsuits

Lyana yellow swimsuit - Les Petits Imprimers

The major asset of this sexy one-piece swimsuit is of course the lacing on both sides of the belly. But let's not forget its ribbed textured fabric that is lined to guarantee opacity and yet dries very quickly thanks to innovative technology.

Its adjustable straps and the two lacings furiously reminiscent of glamorous fine lingerie ensure a perfect fit to enhance your tanned figure. Accessorize it with your finest golden jewellery , a big natural hat, a casually open beach dress or kimono and you are sure to be the queen of the beach (or the pool).

8. Black bustier one-piece swimsuit

But who is this glamorous actress lying casually by the pool in this stunning black strapless one-piece swimsuit ? Oh, but it's you!

Adèle sculpting bustier swimsuit with bows - Les Petits Printed - women's high-cut one-piece swimsuit

Sculpting bustier swimsuit with bows Adèle - Les Petits Imprimers

Guaranteed wow effect with this original, very feminine cut that highlights your chest. But also your flat stomach and your buttocks thanks to its indentation at the hips.

  • The bustier widens the slightly thin upper body and attenuates wider hips (morphology A). The pronounced cut refines and enlarges your gazelle legs. In short, it's the ideal one-piece swimsuit if you're petite with an A body type .
  • Tan quietly without risking the mark of the shoulder straps. Tie the knots on the arms, Bardot style, or let them down. So you can wear all kinds of different strappy tops while showing off a perfect tan.
  • This chic black one-piece swimsuit is also suitable for women with morphology X or 8 . These have the shoulders aligned with the hips, round or not, and the marked waist. By raising the straps to the top of the shoulders, you visually increase their volume. Your wide (or even round) hips appear narrower and your legs look bigger thanks to the cutout.
  • Finally, this famous indentation is of course suitable for the little ones to get bigger but also for the big ones who wish to refine their silhouette.

9. Cross-Back Scoop One-Piece Swimsuit

This white one-piece swimsuit with high cut at the hips particularly highlights women with small breasts , small or medium size, with slightly muscular to muscular backs and fine or with small curves.

Columbia flat stomach swimsuit - Les Petits Printed - women's high-cut one-piece swimsuit for the beach and pool

Flat stomach swimsuit Columbia - Les Petits Imprimers

Columbia flat stomach swimsuit - Les Petits Printed - women's high-cut one-piece swimsuit for the beach and pool

Flat stomach swimsuit Columbia - Les Petits Imprimers

  • The V neckline refines and enlarges gently and femininity, without vulgarity;
  • The adjustable straps tied on the shoulders slim down wide builds ( V morphology );
  • The bare back framed by a thin cord crossed in the back enhances your lower back;
  • The cut lengthens the legs to enlarge the whole silhouette, highlights your buttocks and refines normal hips or those wider than the shoulders (morphology X, 8 or A );
  • Its flat stomach effect sheaths the small belly and the small love handles in the process of installation. Something to have fun without feeling guilty this summer!
  • Nothing like a white swimsuit to reveal the beauty of your tan!

This sexy swimsuit is therefore ideal for a petite, small-breasted woman with an A or X/8 morphology who tans a lot .

10. Red Flat Belly Swimsuit

If you prefer to laze by the pool or on the beach, this burgundy red wrap-around triangle one-piece swimsuit will be perfect for guaranteeing you a star look.

Ambre red one-piece swimsuit - Les Petits Imprimers - women's one-piece flat stomach swimsuit

Ambre red one-piece swimsuit - Les Petits Imprimers

  • Plunging V neckline with built-in shaping bra: ideal for a small chest (or a large chest that you want to show off);
  • The thin straps reduce slightly wide shoulders ( morpho V );
  • Sheathing, sculpting and refining effect: flat stomach guaranteed!
  • High waist and marked with a knot ideal for H morphologies ;
  • Standard cutout fits both tall and short ;
  • Its burgundy red color is very suitable for fair-skinned brunettes or golden skin that tans easily.

As in the photo, consider accessorizing your sun outfit with golden jewelry and a pretty light straw hat to shine all summer long.

11. Push-Up One-Piece Swimsuit

Are you looking for a one-piece push-up swimsuit in the summer trend? The pea print is exactly what you need. This royal blue one-piece swimsuit with small white polka dots awakens your silhouette even in the depths of the pool or the sea!

  • Its ultra-thin straps with a tank top effect emphasize small shoulders or slim wide shoulders ( V morphology );
  • Sheathing and sculpting, it erases the small belly and love handles like nobody else: smooth silhouette guaranteed for morphos X, 8 and A ;
  • A well-maintained chest in pretty sculpted balconies and enhanced with a slightly push-up effect;
  • Its color makes fair-skinned blondes shine as well as fair-skinned or slightly tanned brunettes.

Chloé polka dot print swimsuit - Les Petits Imprimers - women's one-piece push-up swimsuit with thin straps

Chloé polka dot print swimsuit - Les Petits Imprimers

To sum up: this polka dot print push-up swimsuit is ideal for women with small or medium breasts (but if you like push-ups to enhance your generous breasts, don't hesitate) with a few shapes to cover up.

12. Geometric print one-piece swimsuit

The multicolored square geometric pattern is proudly displayed at the beach on a sculpting, designer and very fitted one-piece swimsuit. The American square neckline sensually frees the shoulders. The ultra sexy plunging neckline reveals your tanned skin from the neck to the top of the belly.

Emily geometric one-piece swimsuit - Les Petits Printed - original one-piece swimsuit eshop

Emily Geometric One-Piece Swimsuit - Les Petits Imprimers

The triangle cups with removable pads shape the bust while keeping it firmly in place. The waist is marked and the flat stomach sheathed in a sculpting material. Finally, this backless swimsuit is fully lined for optimal opacity.

Have you found your new one-piece swimsuit for this summer?

Have you found the one-piece swimsuit that will accompany you everywhere this summer? Sheathing, sculpting, flat stomach or slimming swimwear, bustier or with straps, there is no doubt that you will be the queen of the beach or the pool for swimming and sunbathing with this new chic and original one-piece swimsuit.

Wearing your new swimsuit is a real pleasure: with a beach kimono, a pareo, a tunic or a beach dress, your perfect look will leave no one unmoved. Especially if you refine your naiad look with beach accessories such as an ethnic fouta, a beautiful beach bag made of natural materials or a woven straw basket, a large hat, a pair of star sunglasses and your most beautiful sandals. .

We hope our new 2022 one piece swimwear collection has given you some inspiration. Have a nice summer and dare the one-piece swimsuit!

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