Fine Lingerie: 10 Very Refined Models

Are you dreaming of the most exquisite fine lingerie set to bewitch the object of your desire? To enhance your silhouette with a delicious interplay of transparency, between tulle, lace and lacing? On a daily basis or on an exceptional basis, treat yourself by wearing high-end lingerie at an affordable price. Here is a little parade of sexy lingerie to make you totally irresistible.

1. Sexy bodysuits

Black lace bodysuit

The show got off to a very strong start with this sculptural, ultra-refined black lace bodysuit. This little marvel of fine lingerie is an ode to your body, to your curves, to your fully assumed femininity.

Body dentelle noir sexy glamour chic Iris - Les Petits Imprimés  - fine women's lingerie eshop

Iris black lace bodysuit (with or without matching stockings) - Les Petits Imprimés

The demi-cup bra supports your breasts while the lace inserts slim your waist and elongate your bust. The stay-up stockings whose garter pattern recalls the lace of the waist and belly balance your silhouette, to the maximum of seduction.

Sexy fine lingerie: chic and original set

Delicate refinement, sophisticated lace, desired transparency: this three-piece bralette - suspender belt - black thong set highlighted in turquoise blue illuminates you with its exquisite originality.

< img src="https://cdn. shopify. com/s/files/1/2435/6725/products/ensemble-lingerie-sexy-ensemble-lingerie-femme-ensemble-underwear-woman-11_480x480. jpg?v=1648057016" alt="Arya lingerie set - Les Petits Imprimés - women's fine lingerie eshop" style="margin-right: 27px; margin-left: 27px; float: none;">

Lingerie set 2 or 3 pieces Arya - Les Petits Imprimés

Opening between the breasts, the bralette surprises, the garter belt refines your waist and the thong sublimates your hips, your legs, your buttocks. This lace of rare finesse wonderfully highlights all the erogenous zones of your body, catching the eye and stirring up contact.

White lingerie basque

With a virginal purity but with a more than suggestive cut, this sexy white basque illuminates your body with its geometric shapes and its games of transparency. The corset adorned with floral lace curves your chest, highlighted by the sexy straps, and refines your belly with its vertical lines that hug the curves of your hips, the lace revealing your skin by transparency.

Elisa white lace basque - Les Petits Imprimés  - women's fine lingerie eshop

Elisa white lace basque (set to compose yourself, also available in black) - Les Petits Imprimés

The boudoir spirit is in the spotlight with this fine lingerie set, enhancing your dream body with a playful seduction with this corset + thong + nylon stockings and lace mask set. Do you dare to fully assert your femininity?

Red bodysuit with floral embroidery

Passionate red, intricate embroidery and plays on transparency: this scarlet bodysuit has more than one asset to enhance your delicious silhouette in a case of fine lingerie of rare elegance.

Clarisse 17th century embroidery bodysuit - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop sexy women's bodysuit

17th century embroidered bodysuit Clarisse (also available in black and white) - Les Petits Imprimés

Inspired by the Age of Enlightenment, fascinated by games of seduction, this bodysuit is a charming piece, both front and back, to give you infinite confidence in your power of seduction and create a blazing fire in the object of your desire.

Sexy bodysuit: hot in imitation leather

Warning, we're getting down to business with this sexy faux leather and lace bodysuit. Graphic, chic, elegant and refined: this rock bodysuit has it all. Very comfortable soft foam cups, a waist refined by the V pattern pointing towards the thin clip located on your belly, an elongated bust by the matte black contrasting with the transparency of the lace.

Anna black leather effect lace bodysuit - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop sexy women's lingerie

Bodysuit black leather effect lace Anna (also available in red) - Les Petits Imprimés

Pleasantly surprising, this black leather bodysuit is fully in tune with the times of an assumed, claimed, passionate femininity.

Black lace bodysuit with sexy underside

Your cleavage is your best asset when it comes to seduction? This divine lace bodysuit is made for you! With its plunging neckline underlined in black, this body without underwiring sublimates your chest, preserving its freedom while slightly sheathing your silhouette with its floral lace.

Black lace bodysuit with plunging neckline Scarlett - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop sexy women's lingerie

Black lace bodysuit sheer plunging neckline Scarlett - Les Petits Imprimés

Dare to become totally irresistible by wearing it during the day under a t-shirt or shirt to increase your self-confidence (you'll tell me the news), in the evening with a perfecto and at night, without anything else .

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2. Babydolls in sexy fine lingerie

Romantic lace babydoll

Chic, refined, fluid and ethereal, this lace babydoll enhances your princess body. Featuring a built-in underwired bra, this babydoll paired with a thong is designed in an extremely soft and comfortable material to let your seduction capital express itself.

Celestial pink transparent lace babydoll - Les Petits Imprimés  - eshop lingerie romantic chic babydoll for women

Pink transparent lace nightie Céleste (also available in red and black) - Les Petits Imprimés

From the back, it gives the illusion that you're wearing a bra and a skirt, letting the thong show through (unless you're not wearing anything underneath!). Finally, its cutout on the hips and the pointed lace create a wasp waist, emphasizing your slim waist.

Velvet open-back nightie

Nightie and velvet create a most interesting contrast: the softness of velvet combined with the negligee of the nightie, enhanced by a fiery red or a mysterious black. However, the lace has the most important part in this sumptuous model: to highlight your chest, your neckline, the top of your belly. But also your back, almost bare, only crossed by a thin strap inviting the finger to caress your delicate skin.

Mélodie open-back velvet nightie - Les Petits Imprimés

This short babydoll, falling on the top of your thighs, incites passion, the discovery of your mermaid body and promises delicious moments.

3. Matching sets

Floral lace set

Are you looking for an original, unique and amazing lingerie set? You found it ! Here, the floral lace completely covers the wireless brassiere-style bra and the matching panties, both fully lined for a totally successful flower petal effect.

Lola green lingerie set - Les Petits Imprimés  - fine lingerie eshop for chic women

Lola green lingerie set without underwire (available in pale pink) - Les Petits Imprimés

This light and comfortable set will be forgotten during your day as an active woman.

Glam lace set

For a sophisticated two-piece style, the glamorous lace set is second to none. In a bright carmine red synonymous with passion, ardor and ardour, this set of great sensuality is ideal for knocking whoever you want at your feet.

Ilona strapless bra and high-waisted panties set - Les Petits Imprimés

Inspired by the corset, the underwired balconette bra adorned with lace is real support for your breasts. As for the high-waisted panties, they visibly refine your waist while lengthening your bust. Not to mention that it flattens your stomach and smoothes the relief of the hips. This set is really good. We love it! And you?

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Fine lingerie: an ode to your femininity

Sexy bodysuit, seductive set or romantic babydoll: the fine lingerie signed Les Petits Imprimés is available according to your desires and your moods. Between originality and sophistication, our lingerie models are designed to honor your body, enhance it day and night and allow it to give free rein to its wishes and desires.

Feminine, free and assumed, let your personality express itself, even in intimacy.