How to Wear the Women's Sweater Dress? Tips & Tricks

If you think the sweater dress for women is not for you because you are "too skinny", "too fat", "too tall", "that you have a small belly", then think again! The jumper dress is available in such a way that each body type finds something to suit it. You just need to know the little tips and tricks that change everything ;) With this article, you will see that you will look sublime in a sweater dress.

1. Choose the right sweater dress according to your morphology

Sweater dress for tall and thin women

Why not take the opportunity to wear a long and tight sweater dress ? Feminine and seductive, you can accompany it with a beautiful lipstick and counterbalance the style with sneakers for a sportswear or casual style. If you have a small chest, you can opt for turtlenecks that give a volume effect.

long sweater dress

You can also bet on colors or patterns if you want to give volume to your silhouette like stripes in a sailor style:

Les Petits Printed striped jumper dress

Small Prints

Women's Sweater Dress small and petite

No need to procrastinate for long. First, it is better to wear short or mid-thigh so as not to pack your silhouette. You have to show your legs to bring verticality. You can add woolen stockings for a sexy side and to be warmer; all of which can be accompanied by heeled boots (5 cm is more than enough). Close-fitting or oversized, anything goes. Choose what you like! Finally, the perfect combo for petite girls: the short sweater dress , turtleneck and bun. We're melting!

This does not mean that the long sweater dress is forbidden, it all depends on what you like again :)

Sweater dress for women with generous curves

If you are round, avoid oversize and opt for a fitted model, preferably dark or plain. You can choose a length that conceals the buttocks, the love handles (or NOT!) depending on what makes you most comfortable.

If you have a large chest, we do NOT recommend turtlenecks, rather put on collars that clear the neck. We also avoid large knits or large patterns which tend to accentuate the volumes. On the other hand, we focus on fine and vertical stitches.

Sweater dress to hide a small plump belly

Your best ally for hiding a chubby little bidou: the straight sweater dress.

Morgane pleated sweater dress - Les Petits Printed - chic women's sweater dress eshop

Morgane pleated jumper dress - Les Petits Imprimers

You can also bet on a flowing women's sweater dress with a scoop neck or even a bare shoulder that will rebalance the silhouette from above, for example. Well it's not always great when it's very cold. So, a dress that can slightly tighten at the waist will look great.

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2. Accessorize your sweater dress

And because you can accessorize, we even recommend that you go for it! Adding accessories is always a good way (if not THE way) to stand out, to reveal your personality through mass-produced clothes.

Highlight with fine jewelry that lengthens

If you wear a V-neck, opt for a delicate pendant in the hollow of the breasts and large earrings. If it's a round neck, wear a jumper instead. Finally, if you prefer turtlenecks, bet on long and thin earrings.

two-tone wood earrings

See the collection of original earrings

Ethnic chic golden dangling earrings Sun - Les Petits Printed - eshop chic and original earrings for women

Buy these golden Sun earrings

For your wrists, you can play it refined with fine accessories, in small quantities or quite the opposite by rolling up your sleeves and wearing large and multiple bracelets. Listen to yourself and choose the style that suits you.

Mark the waist with a contrasting belt

Knit and leather, the marriage is timeless: to accessorize your sweater dress, put on a leather belt ! With an oversized sweater dress, a long sweater dress or to hide some curves, mark your waist with a wide belt.

Add scarves and hats

We love long scarves wrapped several times around the neck. If your outfit is monochromatic, don't hesitate to bet on a colorful scarf! If you prefer sobriety, match it to the color of your dress or your jacket. Finally, go even further by wearing a nice hat or felted beret. Chic guaranteed!

accessorize the sweater dress - Fragrance d'Automne wool checked scarf - Les Petits Printed - chic women's fashion accessories eshop

Checked wool scarf Fragrance d'Automne - Les Petits Imprimers

Layer the jackets

Once again, the marriage of mesh and leather has spoken , bet on the perfecto! Perfect for a more assertive style.

If you prefer to stay in a soft style, bet on the denim jacket . The style is casual, timeless and goes perfectly with the knit of a sweater dress.

Finally, you can also opt for the trench coat for a more sober and elegant style .

sweater dress leather jacket trench coat

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