How to Wear the Flowery Kimono? 7 Ideas for Trendy Looks

Captivated... You were completely bewitched by this superb printed kimono spotted in a magazine or seen during your last shopping spree . You need this traditional Japanese must-have revisited in a modern version! You already know that this strong piece will revolutionize your clothing style. But how to wear the flowery kimono? How to divert this symbolic piece steeped in Japanese history, in a trendy look? To avoid the fashion faux pas of the total traditional geisha look , here are 3 fashionista codes to know and 7 trendy look ideas.

3 tips for choosing and wearing it well

1. Long or short floral kimono?

The ideal length of the kimono depends on your morphology. To highlight your silhouette, opt for the long version if you are petite with t-shirt, three-quarter or rolled-up sleeves to show your handles and thus lighten the silhouette. If you're tall, you can afford anything.

2. Belt or not belt?

Again, observe your morphology. Do you have the size marked? If so, belt your flowery kimono jacket to emphasize this asset of your silhouette. But if you have hips wider than your shoulders (morpho A) or love handles, wear the kimono open instead for a flowing look with a trendy oversized effect.

Women's floral belted kimono - Les Petits Printed - Women's kimono online store

Belted kimono with plant motif to wear as a short dress or over a casual outfit (source: Pinterest)

3. Material and style

In summer, the floral print kimono is fluid, airy and vaporous. The long version waves behind you with a masterful wrap effect. Choose light and shiny materials such as silk, satin, chiffon, lace, etc. However, avoid the kimono whose fabric is "too fluid", that is to say which hugs the slightest curve of your body if your curves are generous. Indeed, the shiny reflections of satin and silk attract attention precisely where you do not want it.

In terms of style, the floral kimono is available in a sober, structured and elegant version with a more or less rigid material. But also in hobo chic version with fringes for an updated country look.

Hidden symbolism of the flowery kimono (or how to send a message to initiates)

In traditional Japanese culture, the kimono is a luxurious garment whose cut and color transmit subtle messages to whoever knows how to decode them. Indeed, a three-quarter sleeve kimono identifies a single woman while long sleeves are reserved for married women. It's all in the sensuality of the wrist...

As for the color, the more the kimono is flashy, shiny and worked with many floral embroideries or animal motifs, the more the woman who wears it has a high social status in the Japanese aristocracy.

So, which model best represents you?

7 Ideas for a trendy look

1. The floral kimono jacket

For a trendy look to wear during the day, keep in mind that the kimono is THE strong piece of your outfit. So, it is better to reduce the colors and patterns of other clothes to avoid the Christmas tree look. If you manage to find this sobriety, you avoid the main fashion faux pas associated with wearing the kimono.

Now it's time to break out your basics:

  • White or black t-shirt to wear over close-fitting shorts or jeans
  • a total black or white or even pastel look

In summary, timeless neutrals work great for letting your gorgeous floral kimono shine.

2. Long kimono and crop top

The long floral kimono is ideal for making you look bigger. Open, it sends back a very majestic cape effect, especially if it falls to your feet. As for the crop top, it is resolutely trendy for lucky girls who manage to keep their stomachs flat despite barbecues and summer evenings.

Long flowered kimono inspired by Asia - Les Petits Imprimers

Long flowered kimono inspired by Asia - Les Petits Imprimers

Beware of the crop top if you are petite. Showing the belly is of course the main asset of the crop top. But the visible belly creates two horizontal lines which can "pack" your morphology. Especially if you wear it with shorts (new horizontal line on the upper thighs).

Tip: the crop top is therefore a real asset for your morphology if you are tall or short but very thin. To be avoided especially for A-shaped morphologies because it refines the bust even more and, by contrast, widens the belly and hips.

3. Bohemian chic look with a kimono

Mix & Match genres and styles. When the Japanese kimono crosses paths with Indian fringes and spring floral motifs, the result is resolutely trendy. Play the oversize card as much as possible on a casual but close-fitting outfit to contrast the volumes.

Floral kimono with boho chic fringes - Les Petits Imprimers - Women's kimono online store

Floral boho chic kimono with fringes (source: Pinterest)

4. Japanese casual look

Are you looking to enhance your classic clothing style with a strong but neutral and timeless piece? The colorful floral kimono is ideal for you. Bright and spring-like, it brings a touch of lightness and originality to your look.

Its vertical lengthens your silhouette, especially if you wear it open. The oversize effect is right in the women's fashion trend. In short, you are totally to your advantage in this must-have both oriental and classic. So why deprive yourself ?

Colorful chic women's floral kimono - Les Petits Printed - Women's kimono online store

Casual look at home or in the office with a floral mid-length kimono worn open (source: Pinterest)

5. Wear the floral kimono dress

A floral kimono as a dress? But what a great idea! Its fluidity lengthens your silhouette, its spring floral patterns bring soft light to your complexion for a healthy glow. And its Japanese spirit make your look spectacular in one piece. Revealing your sartorial taste, the long kimono dress is a summer must-have!

long floral kimono dress - small prints

Floral kimono dress with plunging neckline - Les Petits Imprimers

Good news: it is self-sufficient. Accessorize it with fine and subtle jewelry, taking up a color from your outfit. Or play neutral with metal jewelry, noble if possible.

On the shoe side, bet on nude or neutral pumps that further lengthen your silhouette and complete your morphology with a sophisticated note. A handbag or clutch of the same falls completes your outfit with class and style.

In summary, this long kimono dress is ideal for a wedding or a chic summer evening.

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6. The chic kimono negligee

The mid-length silk kimono with three-quarter sleeves is obviously a must-have for elegant lingerie. The shiny material brings sophistication when the cut highlights you with:

  • a V neckline that lengthens your head carriage, refines your neck and bust;
  • flared sleeves with a false sloppy effect;
  • a belt emphasizing your slim waist;
  • a short "skirt" that shows off your dizzying legs.

short and belted floral kimono woman negligee chic bathrobe - Les Petits Imprimers - women's kimono online store

The kimono negligee with floral paisley crossover pattern: definitely a safe bet in chic lingerie (source: Pinterest)

And in the long version...

Long black lace kimono Athéna - Les Petits Printed - eshop black lace kimono negligee

Athena long black lace kimono - Les Petits Imprimers

7. The beach wear kimono

The flowery kimono is also invited on the beach. Its ample version, chic negligee, covering but not too much, brings a deceptively wise sophisticated touch. Neither really in a bathing suit, nor really dressed up, the kimono plays on the effects of transparency with floral lace.

white lace kimono beach swimming pool swimsuit beach wear woman - Les Petits Printed - eshop women's fashion summer 2020

White lace kimono with pompoms - Les Petits Imprimers

Opt for a model that also features small boho chic details such as pretty little pompoms or short fringes in the spirit of summer holidays.

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Floral kimono: summary of this chic and original must-have

Chic and structured, casual and airy, boho chic, comfortable elegant negligee, classy semi-transparent beachwear,... The floral kimono is a multifaceted must-have that has completely succeeded in its transformation from traditional Japanese culture to the current trendy look.

The flowery kimono accompanies you in every situation of your life, from lazing by the pool to the wedding where you are invited, from casual outfit at the office to a chic evening. Everyone recognizes the woman of taste who surprises with her elegant outfits with a hint of originality.

Be feminine and delicately original thanks to:

  • its vertical lines that slender your silhouette (especially if you wear it open);
  • its trendy and comfortable oversize volumes;
  • and above all, its light floral print, poetic and right on the women's fashion trend!

Will you be tempted by the kimono trend?