Lace Panties: 9 Chic and Sexy Models

The lace panties, naturally sexy by the way they hug your curves, try to hide a precious treasure as well as possible. In the fine lingerie range, the lace panties are among the most sensual, charmingwomen's undergarments > and erotic. Whether you are looking to indulge yourself on a daily basis by wearing pretty lace lingerie, to slim your silhouette and/or to add a little spice to your life, why not adopt some of our lace briefse? Sexy effect guaranteed!

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1. Invisible lace panties

Are you looking for pretty lace panties that won't show under your clothes? Discover our invisible lace panties, made of a soft and light material, perfect for everyday use. The refined pattern and flat finishes guarantee total invisibility, while the 100% cotton panty bottom ensures optimal protection and comfort.

Ulyanna white invisible lace panties - les petits imprimés  - women's lace panties eshop

White invisible lace panties Ulyanna - les petits imprimés (also available in beige and black)

2. Transparent high waisted lace panties

Want to take your partner's breath away by making you absolutely irresistible? This erotic lingerie set is made for you! Especially her superb ultra-sexy high-waisted thong panties. Designed entirely in lace with the exception of the 100% cotton panty bottom for absolute comfort, these transparent lace panties highlight your belly, your lower abdomen, your hips and your buttocks like never before! In addition, a satin lacing at the back gives these superb panties a bustier, boudoir spirit for a highly erotic glamorous look. Whether you're looking to spice up your life or add a touch of elegance under your clothes to gain self-confidence or enhance the woman you are, these lace panties are the perfect choice!

Black high waisted lace panties - les petits imprimés  - women's lace panties eshop

Black high waisted lace panties in the Issy lingerie set - les petits imprimés (available in 4 colors)

3. Invisible and sexy lace panties

Another invisible and sexy lace panty, this graphic patterned underwear is made of ultra-soft polyamide fibers, ensuring maximum comfort. Its V-cut puts your belly and buttocks in value while the fine and sophisticated pattern brings a touch of modernity to your lingerie set. We love it, how about you?

Alicia black invisible lace panties - les petits imprimés  - women's lace panties eshop

Alicia black lace panties - les petits imprimés (also available in white and pale pink)

4. High-waisted sheathing lace panties

Are you looking for high-waisted shaping briefs that allow you to move freely? Comfort and suppleness are the hallmarks of these sheathing lace briefs which go up to under the bust, sheathing the belly and visibly slimming the silhouette. The lace insert on the thighs highlights your legs and gives a more feminine look, while the silicone band at the top offers great support without rolling. Flat stomach effect assured, tight and fitted clothes are yours.

< img src="https://cdn. shopify. com/s/files/1/2435/6725/products/panties-sheathing-panties-flat-belly-sheathing-panties-flat-belly-panties-gainante-low-gainante-lingerie-gainante-1_480x480. jpg?v=1663491274" alt="High sheathing lace panties flat belly Marie - les petits imprimés - eshop lace panties" style="float: none;">

Panties flat belly lace shapewear Marie - les petits imprimés (also available in beige)

5. Black lace thong

This minimalist thong with delicate lace and ultra sexy yokes handles the subtle art of playing with transparency and semi-transparency. More than suggestive, it clearly shows the precious treasure it houses while sublimating it with its delicate lace and its turquoise border which contrasts against the glamorous and mysterious black. Accompanied by the matching bra and garter belt, there is no doubt that this thong reduced to its simplest device will enchant the curious and inflamed gaze.

Sexy black lace thong - les petits imprimés  - eshop lace lingerie set

Sexy black lace thong in Arya lingerie set - les petits imprimés

6. Cotton lace panties

There's nothing like the comfort of cotton combined with the elegance of lace. Ensuring comfort, flexibility and lightness, this breathable fabric is also hypoallergenic, therefore creating no irritation in an area of ​​the female body that is highly sensitive to friction. Chic and practical, these cotton and lace panties go well with their matching bra for an elegant and refined lingerie set with ease.

Nina cotton and lace panties - les petits imprimés  - eshop cotton lace panties

Cotton and lace panties in Nina lingerie set - les petits imprimés

7. Sexy transparent lace panties

Warning! These lacy panties are sure to spice up your bedroom game. Especially if you pair it with the matching matte faux leather and lace bra that produces a generous cleavage.

With a sheer design and scalloped edges, this panty that is fully transparent at the back and partially at the front is definitely a choice piece of erotic lingerie, which can also be worn on a daily basis. Moreover, the bottom of panties is lined for optimal comfort.

You get the sexy look with a hint of mystery.

Anna sexy black lace panties - les petits imprimés  - eshop black sexy lace panties

Black sexy lace panties in Anna lingerie set - les petits imprimés

8. Vintage high waisted lace panties

Are you looking for lace panties in a vintage, chic and sexy spirit? This high waist panty is ideal for you. Made of high quality nylon blend, comfortable and elegant, these lace panties play the game of transparency with lace and tulle inserts on the belly and buttocks. Complemented by the matching glamorous bra, this fine vintage lingerie set perfectly highlights your sensual curves.

Ilona red lace high briefs - les petits imprimés  - eshop red lace lingerie set

Red lace high briefs in Ilona lingerie set - les petits imprimés

9. Flat stomach shaping tanga

Are you looking for a flat stomach solution without a sheath? This sheathing thong offers targeted reinforcement in the waist and lower abdomen, helping to slim and smooth your figure. Made with a seamless knitting technique for optimal comfort, this lace thong features strips of non-slip natural silicone to keep it in place. The lace inserts bring elegance and femininity to this plain opaque underwear.

Lina sheathing lace tanga - les petits imprimés  - eshop lace tanga

Lina sheathing lace tanga - les petits imprimés

Lace panties: enhance your sensuality

There's nothing like beautiful lace panties to feel feminine and sexy. Erotic lace panties, high waist, sheathing tanga, flat stomach sheath with elegant lace, lace thong, minimalist, vintage lace panties or even sexy high-waisted panties that are downright transparent. The choice is vast among lace panties. And what about materials and colors.

Our collection of sexy lace panties is designed to offer you maximum comfort but also elegance and eroticism, to please yourself first, as well as the partner of your choice. But there, it is no longer up to us. ;)