How to Wear the Chic Jumpsuit for Women?

Among the must haves of any self-respecting wardrobe, the jumpsuit for chic women is an essential key piece. Practical to put on, easy to wear, the dressy jumpsuit is a sophisticated, structured and singular look for any occasion, in any season and at any age. A single fundamental principle: choose the right suit according to your morphology. Enhanced with carefully selected accessories, the chic jumpsuit for women has the gift of shaping a dream silhouette, ultra feminine and 100% stylish! How to wear the jumpsuit for chic women with style? We tell you everything!

combinaison chic femme motif floral

Floral Jumpsuit - Image: Pinterest

7 advantages of wearing the chic women's jumpsuit

  1. Chic, sexy, structured and timeless, the chic jumpsuit immediately creates a sophisticated look, a slender silhouette and a look to die for with class and elegance. Especially with flowing materials like silk and sexy cutouts.
  2. Like the dress, the jumpsuit alone is enough to create a masterful look. No need to rack your brains to find what to wear it with. However, we do not ignore the accessories...
  3. Chic jumpsuit for small and slender women, tall and luscious, petite and generous or tall and thin… chic women's jumpsuits flatter all body types. Find out which cut flatters you the most a little lower.
  4. Ideal at any age: is it possible to wear a chic jumpsuit at 20, 30, 40 and over? Of course ! You just have to choose it well and above all to accessorize it correctly. Keep reading, it's a bit further down.
  5. Summer and winter alike, the jumpsuit is reinvented with cuts adapted to each season: playsuit or jumpsuit, chic jumpsuit with long sleeves, short sleeves, wide or thin straps. Without forgetting the chic open back lace jumpsuit.
  6. A real must-have in our wardrobes, the jumpsuit follows trends very very closely. Thus, this season, it is adorned with printed patterns with polka dots, flowers, tropical, animal, graphic or even scarves. Something to have fun!
  7. Achieving the feat of creating a glamorous look in one piece, the chic jumpsuit is ideal for any occasion: for a ceremony such as a wedding or a baptism, but also at the office in a chic version, casual at the weekend… Everything is possible.

There is a chic jumpsuit for each body type

We told you: the chic jumpsuit flatters all body types. You still have to choose it well:

  • Are you short and petite? Opt for a short and fitted chic jumpsuit.
  • Your silhouette is slender? Without hesitation: a loose chic jumpsuit cut in a fluid material to show you off.
  • Are your curves generous? There's nothing like a long, fitted jumpsuit with a pretty neckline to enhance your assets while lengthening your figure.

polka dot jumpsuit with thin straps lola - les petits imprimés  - eshop chic women's trouser jumpsuit

Chic polka dot jumpsuit and open back Lola - les petits imprimés

Wearing a chic jumpsuit with style: 3 mistakes to avoid

  • The chic bodycon jumpsuit. This is the guaranteed fashion faux pas. Well adjusted, yes. Tight, we forget.
  • The super loose playsuit or jumpsuit that does not mark the waist. We leave this privilege of super comfort to babies and we work on our look. Hop hop hop!
  • The flashy jumpsuit and the oversized prints: ideal if you want to flatter your figure and show off your sartorial taste. let's say unusual. A word of advice: opt for a plain or printed jumpsuit with small patterns such as floral, animal, houndstooth or tartan.
  • How to accessorize your chic jumpsuit?

    Even if the chic jumpsuit is enough on its own, accessories are essential to perfect your stylish look down to the smallest detail. Especially if your jumpsuit plays on a material effect with jeans or canvas.

    What jacket to wear with a jumpsuit?

    In order to slender your silhouette while structuring your look, the ideal jacket to wear over a chic jumpsuit is without a doubt short and fitted. If in addition it features small sophisticated details, such as satin cuffed sleeves, lace or leather yokes, or say YES!

    Mark the waist: which belt with my jumpsuit?

    Marking the waist is essential for wearing a chic jumpsuit with style. During the day, the tone on tone already marks refinement. In the evening, dare the colored, patterned or printed belt to emphasize your waist and draw your pretty curves. If the mood becomes romantic, the rhinestone belt, with pearls or sequins adds a touch of glamorous elegance. Without forgetting the belt with metallic effect in gold, silver, copper, etc.

    femme portant une combishort chic bleue

    What shoes to wear with a jumpsuit?

    When it comes to shoes, it all depends on the time of day, the occasion, your style and above all… your desires! Have fun with the trendy sneakers, the boots with prints or the moccasins. There's nothing like a beautiful pair of high heels to elevate your silhouette! Pointed-toe shoes reveal a sophisticated look, especially if they break up a loose, flowing jumpsuit. Velvet or satin peep-toes add a touch of sophistication to an ultra-glamorous look.

    chaussures peep-toe glamour pour accessoiriser une combinaison chic noire simple pour femme

    Glamorous black sandals to accessorize an evening jumpsuit. The plain black jumpsuit: simple yet sophisticated(Credits: Pinterest)

    What jewelry to wear with a chic jumpsuit?

    The art of using jewelry makes it possible to transform a casual daytime outfit into an elegant jumpsuit for a chic evening woman. Swap out your understated jewelry for a bold statement with character, like a bib necklace, especially if you're going for a deep neckline. Drop earrings add the final touch to an already very feminine and elegant look.

    chic ethnic sun earrings - les petits imprimés  - eshop chic golden earrings for women

    Ethnic Chic Sun Earrings - les petits imprimés

    Discover the entire collection jewelry signed les petits imprimés .

    Every age has its chic jumpsuit

    • Wearing a jumpsuit at 20 comes down to… do whatever you want. Always in accordance with your morphology, of course! And always marked at the waist. Then, play with the contrasts in cut, materials, sexy details, the crop effect, accessorize with sneakers, etc.
    • Wearing a chic jumpsuit at 30 means favoring the structured and elegant side of noble and fluid materials for an assumed femininity. The silhouette is slender by wearing heels.
    • Wearing a chic jumpsuit at age 40 and over is definitely putting away the very short playsuit, the too deep neckline and the indentations that are too suggestive at the risk of turning into vulgarity. As at 30, we opt for noble, supple materials, sophisticated accessories such as heels, a magnificent bag, fine gold or silver jewelry and a pair of elegant glasses.
    Bohemian chic floral print fluid short jumpsuit - les petits imprimés

    Bohemian chic floral print fluid short jumpsuit - les petits imprimés

    The chic jumpsuit in a nutshell: 4 essential principles for a successful stylish look

    In summary, if you had to remember four essentials for wearing a chic jumpsuit for women, it would be:

    1. Choose your chic jumpsuit according to your morphology. Otherwise, it's a guaranteed fashion faux pas;
    2. Always mark the size to avoid the romper effect, which is far too regressive;
    3. NEVER wear a tight jumpsuit!
    4. Select the right accessories for a stylish look down to the smallest detail

    In winter as in summer, at 20 or 50, for any occasion and for all body types, think of the jumpsuit for chic women for weddings, in the evening, at the office or in casual clothes. The women's jumpsuit is also an ideal outfit for a wedding as a guest outfit. If you apply all our advice and take inspiration from these few jumpsuit models, you will surely not regret this clothing choice!