How to Wear my Dresses and Skirts in Winter?

When the temperatures drop, you are quickly overtaken by a single objective: to be warm . To your great regret, the question of style is relegated to the background. You say goodbye to your pretty dresses and your beautiful skirts to run and wrap yourself in a big winter sweater while waiting for the return of the mildness of spring. However, winter outfits and dress style are not incompatible. To save you from this tragic fate, here are 5 tips on how to wear a dress in winter .

1. Sweater dress: the winter dress par excellence

The sweater dress is often scary in women's fashion. We imagine that the jumper dress is boudine, that it accentuates the plump belly and the unsightly rolls. These eye-stinging mistakes happen, it's true. But only among the uninitiated of the sweater dress.

So once and for all: how to wear the sweater dress?

red sweater dress women winter dress

Red winter dress with turtleneck Aby - Les Petits Imprimers

The trick is to exploit the trend of the moment: the oversize. Trendy, relaxed, loose and comfortable, the oversized cut suits all body types and all occasions. Here is the unstoppable recipe for wearing the sweater dress without looking sausage :

  1. Choose a sweater dress one to two sizes larger than your usual size.
  2. Choose soft velvety materials (eg mohair) and large knits.
  3. Wear your sweater dress deliberately loose.
  4. Mark your size if you are thin. Bet on the total loose look with a straight dress if you have curves.
  5. Play up the contrasts with “tight” accessories like thigh-high boots, a nice hat and a warm, long, very long coat (longer than your dress).

The sweater dress is an exceptional fall/winter ally! Quick, you need one in your wardrobe.

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2. Summer dress in winter: the layering technique

The summer dress in winter is THE twist to stand out in the winter gloom. The idea is to use the onion technique, or layering ( all tips for mastering layering here ), and adapt it to the dress you want to wear.

Layering consists of intelligently superimposing the layers of clothing according to its style, its colorimetry and its morphology. And believe me, it's quite an art! Let's look at some basics.

Under the summer dress

First, add a tank top or long-sleeved tee under your strappy or short-sleeved summer dress (or even both if you live in the North Pole!).

Warning: choose basics close to the body and if possible without seams or with flat seams.

Another idea: a pretty lace t-shirt worn under a dress delicately dresses your neckline.

Good to know: slip your tank top or t-shirt into your tights, leggings or pants to prevent them from riding up and creating an unsightly crease in the middle of your outfit. In addition, impermeability to drafts guaranteed!

That's it for the first layer.

layering winter t-shirt under a dress

How to wear the summer dress in winter? A great example of a T-shirt under a spaghetti strap summer jumpsuit .

On the summer dress

Next, it is on the dress that you will add layers of warm clothing. T-shirt, long sleeves, short sleeves and even a sweater over your dress , everything is possible! But also a vest, a jacket, and finally the XXL coat and scarf.

Examples of summer dress in winter

winter summer dress

How many layers of clothes in this cute winter outfit? At least four! One or two close to the body + a super cute dress + a sweater + a trench coat (Image: Pinterest)

layering winter dress

Are you very chilly? Add a biker jacket or denim jacket AND a trench coat (Image: Pinterest)

how to wear a dress in winter

Or two coats (Image: Pinterest)

Good news: everything is already in your dressing room. All you have to do is combine these pieces together and admire the result!

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3. And the summer skirt in winter?

Ruffled skirt, skater skirt, plain, colored or with flowers, everything is allowed! Adopt the same layering technique as for dresses (one or more close-fitting layers + t-shirt / sweater over it).

For a touch of modernity, tuck your top into the skirt to mark the waist.

women's white oversized sweater - small prints - eshop women's loose white sweater

Charline oversized sweater and high waisted skirt in Sixtine wool - Les Petits Imprimers

To reduce the “widening horizontally” effect caused by layering, opt for a long sautoir-type necklace.

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4. Vivid color and prints for winter dresses and skirts

Bright and flowery

Above all, above all, above all... play with colors and prints! Just because it's cold doesn't mean you have to dress in all black and wear a depressing look during the winter months. In addition, black ages by accentuating dark circles and wrinkles (even when you are young)!

Stand out with highlights, color and pretty prints. Spring will undoubtedly arrive much faster than you think!

3 examples of light and colorful outfits to wear in winter

Ayla colorful wool sweater - Les Petits Imprimers

chic and original winter outfit

A sequined jumper with a jeweled collar, and you're off to face the cold (Image: Pinterest) See Les Petits Printed winter skirts

winter outfit gray sweater dress printed shirt

The patterned blouse awakens a somewhat sad look ( See Les Petits Imprimers Shirts

The extra trick

The jacket is the ideal winter garment to structure a fluid outfit. If your winter coat is dark, opt for a dress long enough to play with contrasts. Conversely, if you have chosen a well-colored coat , play moderation for the dress. A plain, gray or even black dress will look great!

nice look with a skirt in winter

When the straight fir green coat contrasts this flowing floral skirt, you get a nice structured look (Image: Pinterest) See Les Petits Printed coats

5. Hot tights, stockings and accessories!

Layering works wonders for creating a trendy look that works in a snap. A tank top, a long-sleeved t-shirt, a sweater, a jacket and a coat, presto! Your outfit is ready. Ready, but not complete! Beware of extremities such as the head, hands and feet, which have the unfortunate tendency to cool quickly in winter (and stay frozen until evening).

keep your head warm

Cover your head with a nice real wool beanie, a thick scarf or a woolen hat to keep 30% of your body heat evaporating in the freezing winter cold.

For example, this Frenchy beret alone boosts any outfit.

chic women's wool beret

The Frenchy beret by Les Petits Printed (old collection)

Protect the neck from the sneaky little wind

For the neck, think of a nice thick scarf, a wool scarf or even a chunky knit snood. In addition to the practical aspect, they are real fashion accessories that boost your style even in the heart of winter.

The generous warmth of our 100% wool scarf - Les Petits Imprimers

Warm, sensitive little hands

Adopt this reflex: never go out without gloves or mittens. Bet on quality materials such as wool or leather. There are even tactile gloves today, so that you no longer freeze your hands when answering a text message in the street or looking for your way on the GPS.

Women's Touch Fleece Gloves
Very soft windproof effect ideal for sensitive hands - Les Petits Imprimers

And the legs?

Finally, effectively protect your legs from the cold. For pretty legs that are warm, neither seen nor known, opt for transparent fleece tights. Fleece tights on the inside, very chic and refined nylon effect on the outside.

Sheer fleece tights - Les Petits Imprimers

For colorful tights, choose thick tights combined with woolen stockings. In addition to keeping warm, this combination really gives style. You can even wear socks under or over your tights to keep your feet warm in your sneakers or ankle boots .

Fleece Cashmere Tights Special Extreme Cold - Les Petits Imprimers

How to combine style and comfort in winter?

All tips are welcome, so share them in the comments. And also share this article on your social networks and by email to your girlfriend, your sister and even your mom if she abandons style in favor of comfort.