Which Playsuit for My Morphology? Step by Step Instructions

Are you looking for the ideal chic playsuit for women for your morphology ? Would you like to be chic and comfortable in a jumpsuit at the beach , at the restaurant, at a wedding or a baptism or even at the office? This must-have of the feminine wardrobe elevates your silhouette and erases your little complexes, provided you choose the right cut and material. Jumpsuit for round woman, slim woman, small or tall but always devilishly sexy... everything is possible with fashion. If you want to create an elegant look with a playsuit, find out how to choose the right playsuit for your body type and accessorize it.

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Denim effect linen & cotton jumpsuit - Les Petits Imprimers

How to wear the playsuit when you are small?

Great ! Playsuits are yours to lengthen the silhouette . Fine vertical stripes and sexy V-necklines (front or back) are great allies to elevate your look and appear taller . Another trick to gain a few centimeters: the low-waisted short jumpsuit to stretch your bust and balance your silhouette.

women's playsuit with small stripes

Striped playsuit to slim the figure (Pinterest)

Prefer flowing materials and avoid anything that can widen you like too much texture effect, pockets on the hips, big patterns, etc. It's up to you to choose small prints or fine vertical lines, discreet details such as lace inserts on the shoulders or a plunging bare back.

women's playsuit small low waist

Low waist pattern playsuit to lengthen the bust (Pinterest)

Finally, pay attention to the length of the shorts : shorts that are too long will squeeze your legs. So choose a mid-thigh length to boost your lower body. Without going towards the mini shorts or even the much less chic micro shorts.

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How to wear the playsuit when you are tall?

If you are tall with a slender look, the jumpsuit is a piece of choice! Have fun with a super sensual plunging open back or small or voluminous prints. The horizontal stripes do not scare you, nor the imposing patterns such as the floral or the particularly trendy animal. Without forgetting the very colorful plant motif.

tall woman playsuit

The floral playsuit gives volume to a slender silhouette (Pinterest)

On the horizontal lines side, also think about the Bardot neckline which will widen your shoulders in a very natural and elegant way. Or the belt that marks the waist or the hips and that structures your slender morphology .

women's large belted playsuit

Belted bardot neck jumpsuit, perfect if you're tall with a small chest (Pinterest)

To break the length , play on the material effects. The denim playsuit is ideal since the total denim look is trendy this summer. Bring volume at the bottom of the body to balance your figure: frills, ruffles, darted shorts, the choice is yours!

How to wear the playsuit when you are round?

To enhance your feminine curves , opt for a flowing jumpsuit with a trapeze cut to refine your generous hips. However, it is better to avoid:

  • The fashion details at the pelvis: seams, button, flounce, etc.
  • The mini-shorts that risk packing you down to favor long shorts that refine the silhouette (unless you are small).
  • The shiny fabric like satin or bling bling that highlights the small rolls.

round woman playsuit

Playsuit with a sexy plunging V neckline, belted waist and fluid material (Pinterest)

Balance your look with a jumpsuit with long or mid-length sleeves to slim down your arms. Play on material effects with lace or nylon yokes to keep cool in summer and lightness on the arms.

The V neckline is the most suitable for lengthening your bust, emphasizing the posture of your head and creating a most divine neckline. Also consider the three-quarter length (covering the hips) shoulder pad option to balance out hip width.

red round women's playsuit

Ruffled sleeves and an A-line cut balance the figure of curvy women (Pinterest)

Do you have the marked size? So, draw it with a curved model or with a wide belt to refine your silhouette. In addition, this hourglass effect gives a great retro vintage look that we love.

playsuit for women round vertical stripes

Jumpsuit with long sleeves with thin stripes and a plunging neckline to refine the silhouette (Pinterest)

Opt for fluid materials such as jersey or viscose. On the color side: solid color or small prints and fine vertical stripes to lengthen your silhouette . You can also have fun with this summer's trend: the total denim look, taking care with the material and the location of the details (pockets, belt) which must not widen your body horizontally.

What jumpsuit for a woman with small breasts?

The best playsuit for a small chest is undoubtedly the strapless short jumpsuit or the short jumpsuit with bare shoulders . Without forgetting the Bardot neckline whose "off the shoulder" sleeves falling on the arms enhance the chest. Terribly sexy, this demure and natural neckline with a bohemian look is ideal with a nice tan and a short jumpsuit in white or sky blue lace. Unless an English lace or macramé jumpsuit suits you even better!

strapless playsuit for women with small breasts

The bustier playsuit highlights small breasts (Pinterest)

Other alternatives: also bet on the very very plunging neckline. It's very sexy and that's good, you can afford it.

Another idea: the jumpsuit that creates volume at chest level with ruffles, fringes or surprising cut-out effects. Texture effects and patterns on the upper body are yours!

playsuit with bardot neckline for women with small breasts

Bardot neckline, horizontal cutout, fringes: the ideal combo to flesh out a small bust (Pinterest)

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How to accessorize a chic playsuit?

Accessorizing a jumpsuit is decisive for getting out of the babacool pajama style (unless this is the desired effect).

For a casual working girl look , combine your structured jumpsuit with small lightweight canvas trainers or comfortable wedges and a large it-bag to store all your belongings.

what a playsuit for my chic female morphology - small prints - women's fashion online store

Navy blue playsuit with shirt collar Elena- Les Petits Imprimers

At the beach, the white lace playsuit is fun with a canvas or jute effect XXL basket or bag, pretty sunglasses, flat camel sandals or natural espadrilles and a pretty golden necklace.

white lace beach playsuit

Bohemian openwork lace look to be chic at the beach (Pinterest)

For a carefree weekend on a bike , like a stroll on the Ile de Ré or along the Canal du Midi, opt for a light denim jumpsuit with a straw boater, a pretty basket, comfortable camel sandals and fancy sunglasses. colored.

chic women's playsuit

Red playsuit with small prints for a fresh summer look (Pinterest)

The wedding or evening playsuit is associated with pretty camel or black pumps to elevate your pretty legs, a mini printed handbag, a pretty long necklace (golden, especially if you are dark-haired and tanned), a beautiful watch and thin rings.

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The playsuit in brief: the MUST HAVE of the summer

You will have understood it: the playsuit is the essential of this summer . Perfect with every morphology, it enhances curves, elongates the silhouette or balances volumes. You now know how to wear the jumpsuit in all situations! The jumpsuit is ideal for a wedding , at the top in the office , superb in the evening and perfect for a chill day in town or at the beach . It's up to you to choose it well and accessorize it according to the place, the moment and the occasion! We trust you ;)