Sheer Fleece Tights: Warm Legs by -10°C With This Perfect Illusion

In appearance, they are simple nylon tights . Chic, elegant but fine, very fine, much too fine for winter . Simply impossible to wear in polar temperatures without your legs turning into icy icicles as soon as you cross the threshold of your door. Hehehe! That's exactly what everyone will believe. Because that is only an appearance. You will be comfortably warm in these surprising fleece tights . Do you know the concept of trompe-l'oeil? We explain how tights can fool people!

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transparent fleece tights - small prints - eshop transparent fleece tights

Transparent fleece tights : keep you warm down to -10°C! by Little Prints

Wearing dresses and mini-skirts in winter: anything is possible with these tights

How to wear that dress you love when the temperatures plummet? How to wear this short skirt so pretty for this long-awaited appointment that finally materializes?

The transparent fleece tights will quickly become your best ally in this rigorous season. Warmth assured thanks to the flesh-colored quilted fleece fabric located inside, against your skin, covered with a black nylon veil similar to 25 denier. From then on, the veil tights illusion is total.

transparent fleece tights - small prints - eshop transparent fleece tights

Skin-coloured fleece tights on the inside, nylon veil on the outside: stunning illusion! - Small Prints

So you can wear all your dresses and skirts in winter with this fashion tip neither seen nor known. From the long bohemian dress accompanied by boots to the pleated schoolgirl mini-skirt , dress as you want in winter, as long as you have your best friend the transparent fleece tights. It protects your legs from biting cold down to -10°C.

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Sheathing and slimming tights

Made with a superior quality sheathing material and an ultra-resistant weave, these tights which contain a shaping belt slim your waist and shape your legs from the waist to the ankle with a second skin effect of the most becoming (and facilitates venous return, either by the way). Available in two sizes, from XS to 3XXL, they are designed to satisfy you, whatever your clothing size and your morphology.

gray and black transparent fleece tights - small prints - eshop transparent fleece tights

Sheer fleece tights in two colours: gray and black - Les Petits Imprimers

To go to work, for a night out in town or for a romantic date, these tights put you to your advantage in all femininity. Classic, versatile and glamorous, they go with all your outfits. So treat yourself, wear your little skirts and your beautiful light dresses as much as you want, even in the middle of a blizzard.

No more opaque tights and leggings to try to retain your body heat somehow. No more wool tights that fatten your legs. Flaunt your pretty legs without shivering with these opaque tights that create the illusion. Just for the amazed gaze of your friends, colleagues and passers-by, it's worth adding to your wardrobe.

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