Fancy Socks, Chic Tights or Sexy Stockings in Winter?

Like a desire to change from the pants that keep our pretty legs warm this winter! And if you let yourself be tempted by fancy girly socks with a pattern, print or sequins? Or rather thick chic tights (in wool or fleece), dynamic colored or thin and transparent? Unless you're not afraid of wearing sexy, glamorous stockings... You'll have understood: in winter, we also have fun with our legs, in all femininity! But how to choose them, what to match them with and above all, how to avoid the fashion faux pas? We tell you everything to spend the winter in style with fancy socks , warm tights , high socks or sexy stockings . In comfortable sneakers or the top of your favorite pumps and sandals, fashion effect guaranteed!

Fancy socks: pep, girly and humor!

A real fashion accessory often neglected, fancy socks are THE chic and quirky detail where you don't expect it. Original, girly and sometimes funny, short socks are adorned with trendy printed patterns (leopard, houndstooth, tartan, etc.), sequins or chic details such as pearls, rhinestones, etc.

fancy cat socks - Les Petits Printed - chic cat socks eshop

Cute kittens for fancy socks - Les Petits Imprimers

Thanks to the fine fancy socks , your ankle lights up by attracting the eye unaccustomed to the fashion details at the bottom of your legs. So, you might as well go all out to enhance a slightly classic pump with a pattern, offset sneakers with a thin shiny veil or fishnet, create the illusion of a superb sequined bracelet just above the edge of your boots or again, play the total shift with original socks with animal motifs on chic sandals with thin straps.

High Socks Tights

Fleece tights giving the illusion of wearing high socks. Thick sheathing material to refine the legs. Reinforced toes and flat seams for more resistance over time. Keep warm.

Fiona High Sock Effect Tights (available in black) - Les Petits Imprimers

Sophisticated and sexy lace tights

But the pantyhose has not said its last word! Especially when it reveals a sexier side through the sophistication of lace, the deceptively wise feminine touch of dotted swiss or the refinement of a thin Lycra veil. Not to mention the ultra-feminine glamorous couture detail of the semi-transparent tights : the thin black line on the back of the leg that goes up from the heel all the way up the calf, underlines the hollow of the knee and goes up to... We let you imagine ;)

black lace tights - Les Petits Printed - eshop chic black lace tights

Chic black lace tights with a delicate pattern (available in 5 colors) - Les Petits Imprimers

Colored tights: peps with style

In tone on tone in a nude look , off-white tights go perfectly with a powder pink or light beige skirt. Wear with babies for a baby doll look or red pumps for a femme fatale look. On the other hand, we forget the black rock boots at the risk of losing the message given by the clothes.

mustard yellow winter fleece tights - small prints - eshop thick warm opaque tights for chic women

Mustard yellow fleece tights - Les Petits Imprimers

In monochrome , the colored tights are chosen in a shade close to the shade of your dress or your skirt or an accessory. For example: an electric blue sweater, a gray skater skirt and navy tights. Or a light blouse over a coral skirt with brick colored tights. A tip not to turn rainbow: no more than three colors (to be declined in their shades).

look idea with women's burgundy tights

Look idea with colored tights: burgundy hat, white shirt, navy blue shorts with white polka dots and semi-opaque burgundy tights (Pinterest)

Sexy lace stockings for a maxi effect

You choose the sexy stockings and their alluring detail: the garter ? Very good choice ! To avoid the magnifying effect of the patterns, we choose them rather in a solid color. Alone or layered with plain tights to keep the upper thighs warm in winter, stockings go perfectly with maxi shorts, skirts or trapeze dresses.

Lace stockings with garter - Les Petits Printed - sexy hold-up stockings eshop for chic women

Lace stockings with garters - Les Petits Imprimers

Elegant knee-high women's socks

In winter, sexy mid-thigh stockings thicken with wool, cashmere or other warm materials. In fact, they are more like knee- high socks . Plain, ribbed or twisted, these thick cotton stockings go wonderfully with a short pleated skirt.

Mid-thigh high socks for Women Wool - Les Petits Printed (available in 7 colors)

We like to surprise with these neutral (black, white, cream, taupe or gray) or colored (yellow or mauve) mid-thigh socks.

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So what do you choose: slimming tights, warm high socks, sexy stockings or fancy socks?

Real fashion accessories with often overlooked fashion power, tights , knee high socks , sexy stockings and fancy socks awaken your look with THE unexpected chic or quirky detail. Lace, embroidery, beads, sequins, lurex... Your creativity has no limits.

Be careful, however, to balance this surprise effect according to your morphology and not to combine the effects too much (we forget the colored lace tights and the fancy short socks in the same look).

So, in winter, we take out our legs and have fun in skirts, shorts and dresses!