Mother's Day Gift: 10 Chic and Modern Mom Ideas

She will never admit it. But your mom likes to receive pretty gifts for Mother's Day . Her family gathered around her on the occasion of this festive event is of course her most beautiful present . Still, getting a nice little surprise is always nice, isn't it? ;) All year round, she takes care of each member of your family . Your mom is your number one fan : caring, attentive, attentive, she is interested in your life choices. This is pure maternal love . This Mother's Day is therefore the perfect opportunity to show her your love and gratitude . Perhaps she will have tears in her eye in front of so much generosity . On the Mother's Day gift side, we thought of you with a selection of 13 original, chic and modern fashion gift ideas and accessories for mom . Let's go !

1. Mother's Day Gift Idea #1: Cherry Earrings

Poetic, ethereal and spring-like, these dangling cherry earrings are a marvel of jewellery . Intense garnet red or tinged with the light pink of real Japanese sakura cherry petals, these earrings with their curved golden stem exude an ultra-trendy modernity .

Cherry earrings - Mother's Day gift - small prints - women's fashion and accessories
Cherry earrings - Les Petits Printed

These cherry earrings inevitably refer to childhood. Remember when you wore real pairs of cherries on your ears before devouring them with relish!

Here is the chic and elegant version, with astonishing realism .

It's sure: your mum will receive many compliments on this glamorous piece of jewelery that is as surprising as it is rare.

What do you think of this first original gift idea to mark Mother's Day?

sakura cherry earrings - small prints - women's jewelry - Mother's Day gift idea

Cherry earrings with real Sakura petals - Les Petits Imprimers

2. Floral necklace

Let's continue with spring poetry and floral notes right in current fashion trends with this superb necklace with a rose gold chain and a pendant representing a crown of shiny flowers.

Mother's Day gift - Rose gold flower crown necklace - Les Petits Printed - eshop gift idea for chic women's jewelry

Collie wreath of flowers rose gold - Les Petits Imprimers

Light and delicate, it is the most beautiful effect to wake up an outfit with neutral or cold colors and to attract light near the face.

For example, your mom can wear it with a flowery dress, a light blouse and all types of necklines. It also brings a fresh note full of femininity in a practical and sporty outfit.

Good to know: this necklace also exists in a flower crown bracelet version! Alone or as a set (necklace + bracelet), magnificent effect guaranteed (pssst! The set is on sale, take advantage of it!).

3. Rose gold feather ring

Light as a feather, feminine with its pink shine, as light as its sleek design, this rose gold feather ring is right on the jewelry trend . Its adjustable size adapts to all morphologies. Your mom can even change her finger if she likes.

rose gold feather ring - small prints - online shop for women's jewelry

Pink gold feather ring - Les Petits Imprimers

Worked down to the smallest detail, you can even make out the small engraved feathers. Solid and resistant, it accompanies all the gestures of the well-paced life of a very busy mother.


Do you like these first three gift ideas but can't wait to see the rest?

We continue with ten other little nuggets...

4. Large Handmade Lace Bohemian Bag

Does your mom love natural materials and chic minimalism ? If she hasn't embraced these trends yet, she should melt in front of this large spring bohemian-style tote bag.

On the outside, the light white lace brings an original elegance to the very practical classic rectangular format. Inside, the soft and resistant 100% cotton lining houses a large volume and two hanging pockets to quickly find small objects (keys, telephone, etc.).

chic lace tote bag 100% natural cotton minimalism - mother's day - small prints - original women's bag online store

Chic lace tote bag - Les Petits Printed

Entirely handmade, this women's tote bag is very practical in town and at the beach. It is worn on the shoulder thanks to its two solid imitation leather handles.

For example, it accessorizes a long summer dress, a beachwear beach outfit or a light evening dress.

And presto, an original and practical Mother's Day gift idea!

5. Japanese-Inspired Origami Fan Earrings

Are you passionate about Japanese culture, manga and fascinated by geishas ? Does your mom love exoticism and travel to Asia ? This gift idea brings a breath of originality to all your looks. These delicate paper fan-shaped earrings illustrate the ancestral art of origami.

Les Impériales fan earrings - Small Prints

Les Impériales fan earrings - Small Prints

A symbol of wealth and elegance, of love and mystery, the fan is a fundamental accessory in traditional Japanese art. It is found, for example, in or kabuki theater, in rakugo narrative art or even in traditional dance.

The color of love rosy the complexion, which rejuvenates the whole face. These chic drop earrings are suitable for all face shapes. However, avoid elongating an already long face. On the hair side, short or tied hair will show them off better.

A new original gift idea for a chic mom !

6. Women's fancy ankle socks with a chic and fun pattern

If your mom is a cat lover , she will melt in front of these colorful and funny fancy socks. Vitamined and super comfortable, these five pairs of short socks bring a touch of originality in line with his passion: cats! The faces of cute little felines with a kawaii manga design sprinkle the sock with humor.

5 pairs of cat socks for a feline lover - Les Petits Imprimers

5 pairs of fancy cat socks - Les Petits Imprimers

Very soft and comfy, these 100% cotton socks slip easily into sneakers for a casual street look. But also in ankle boots or boots to create an urban and chic outfit. Guaranteed humorous effect with the contrast of the top/bottom look!

Imagine her surprised reaction and laughter when she discovers her Mother's Day gift!

7. Bohemian Style Sun Earrings

As an informed fashionista, your mum masters the codes of volumes in her look. She likes original jewelry in the bohemian chic style, shiny and sophisticated. These superb Sun earrings will sublimate her face and her outfits with their generous golden roundness.

mother's day gift - Sun golden earrings for a bright mom - Les Petits Imprimers

Sun golden earrings - Les Petits Imprimers

Symbolizing the solar star, these earrings illuminate the complexion and energize the silhouette. Light and airy, they blow in the wind of graphics and modernity in a bohemian chic look.

Imagine this outfit:

  • a light long dress in plain or floral linen, marked with a belt at the waist, which lengthens the line,
  • wedges that slender the silhouette,
  • beautiful women's bracelets
  • and at the very top, close to the face, these two solar marvels gently swinging.

Fortunately, these earrings go beyond the bohemian framework. Their minimalist graphic pattern perfectly enhances a blouse or a suit. Without forgetting the casual outfit, like a sky blue dress with a Bardot collar worn with heels.

Moment of truth: would your mom like to receive these sublime golden earrings to enhance her looks with a touch of bohemian chic?

To find out which colors look best on you, read this article on the basics of color matching .


Do you like one of these gift ideas, but want to discover them all? Ah, how I understand you. I myself don't know which one to choose. I want them ALL hahaha!

Let's continue with the last 4 gift ideas to mark the spirits at the next Mother's Day.

8. Cute Sakura Card Holder

Notice to fashionistas who waste a lot of time finding THE store's loyalty card . You know, this card that will offer you this crazy discount for which you went to the store (even during the sales). Of course, the store doesn't have a database (it may seem archaic to you, but it still exists!). And you feel the pressure of impatient customers behind you.

Never experience this horrible situation again.

With a single gesture, easily find the famous loyalty card (or blue card) in this cute Sakura card holder with delicate cherry petal patterns playing with the spring wind.

Sakura Wallet - Small Prints

Its round pearly wooden medallion makes it easy to open to brandish the fateful card in a fraction of a second and benefit from the famous reduction - all with great class!

Spoil your mum with these three gift ideas evoking Asia, travel and exoticism:

  1. Sakura cherry earrings
  2. "Les Impériales" fan earrings
  3. The Sakura card holder with a wood and mother-of-pearl medallion.

Pssst: a fourth and final gift idea inspired by Asia is coming soon.

9. Daisy Flower Earrings

Do you want to cause a WAHOU effect by offering your Mother's Day gift? Make an impression with a costume jewel worthy of the great jeweler ?

Surprise your mom with these sublime Daisy flower earrings.

Marguerite earrings - Mother's Day gift idea - small prints - women's costume jewelry eshop

Daisy earrings - Small Prints

Chic and elegant, these fancy flower stud earrings shine with a thousand lights. And illuminate the face of your beloved mother: with joy when she discovers them, and with light when she wears them.

From the shiny white heart to the golden border, passing through the pearly white petals, all the elements attract the light to better enhance the purity of its complexion. Feminine and spring-like, these earrings enhance any outfit with a superb refreshing effect.

10. Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Idea: The Gift Card

You know that your mom likes or would like the universe of Petits Printed . To avoid the odd or because you're short on time, the gift card is THE solution to please without making mistakes.

To offer the choice to have the choice, what a beautiful gift!

little prints gift card - mother's day - last minute gift - little prints - women's fashion and accessories eshop

Gift card - Little Prints

How it works ?

  1. Choose a gift card for an amount between €30 and €200 from the card options;
  2. Add to cart and confirm your order;
  3. Receive your gift card by email in a few hours .

Simple. Fast. Efficient.

In addition, your gift card is valid throughout the Les Petits Imprimers shop without a validity period .

It is definitely THE ideal solution to offer a beautiful present in due time, even as a last minute gift for the dizzy.

Summary of 13 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

One thing is certain: your mom is going to be very spoiled this year for Mother's Day ! Surprise, astonishment and laughter should be there when she opens her gift packages.

The hardest part will undoubtedly be choosing your gifts from this delicious selection of jewellery, fashion accessories and clothing.

Many other gift ideas are waiting for you in the Petits Imprimers collections . Visit the store to discover a fashionable summer collection, all in lightness and poetry.

Mother's Day or not, all occasions are good to treat yourself! Discover our collection for women with a wide choice of chic and trendy ready-to-wear, accessories and jewellery, plain or printed