Fall/Winter 2020 Women's Fashion: 4 Must-Have Prints

Fall fashion is always an opportunity to have fun with new trends fashion. And this season promises great combinations! Keep the cheerful prints from summer and spruce them up with the new trends of the Fall/Winter 2020 fashion season. The idea: make the smooth transition, keep the summer lightness, show off her beautiful golden skin and sun-lightened hair while structuring your silhouette for a very chic feminine back-to-school look. Let's go for 4 must-have prints this fall and of course, look ideas!

mode femme automne hiver 2020 - les petits imprimes - eshop mode femme

1. Floral print

If you bet on the floral print this summer, you were right! The floral pattern has been a staple for several seasons, even during fall and winter. Light, airy and poetic, it underlines your femininity with modernity and sophistication. As long as you wear the right piece for your morphology.

This fall, the floral print can be worn on a warm (red, orange, rust, burgundy) or cold (blue, green, purple) hallway. It's up to you depending on your colorimetry. Consider playing with fall colors with accessories in natural and warm tones such as camel, yellow and even gold.

robe imprimes fleurs et fruits - eshop les petit imprimés

Marie short floral dress - les petits imprimés

Note the colors and materials of the accessories in this photo. All those of the trend Modern Craft perfectly enhance a dark color, like this Handmade lace shoulder bag very practical for this back-to-school period.

Discover more flowery dresses created by les petits imprimés .

2. Tropical print

The tropical, animal and vegetal print once again demonstrates its modernity. Chic and sophisticated, it goes perfectly with a key piece of this fall/winter 2020 season: the long straight blazer.

This satin top brings a touch of femininity to this masculine outfit. Sophisticated, this top is worn tucked into your pants or skirt to mark your waist.

women's tropical pattern tank top - les petits imprimés  - eshop chic women's animal print jungle tank top

Tropical pattern tank top - les petits imprimés

Little detail that matters: roll up the sleeves. And if, in addition, they sport this other flagship print of this fall/winter, the small square, you are definitely a great fashionista.

3. Small check print

The small diamond persists and is a sign this year again. In the winter of 2019, it was worn in the form of houndstooth, houndstooth or Prince of Wales pattern. Black and white, gray or even colourful, the check is making a strong comeback in the suit for a masculine feminine look or in its mini version on the lining of the sleeves.

femme portant une jupe pied de poule marron

Betty houndstooth skirt - les petits imprimés

Last but not least, the print exists in women's fashion for fun, to show that you have some self-mockery. You don't take yourself seriously. Funny, friendly and accessible, you have a sense of humor and it shows!

The original print can be worn as a casual look or as an office outfit to offset a classic or overly structuring piece. You display a relaxed, feminine touch, an accessible chic. We can only appreciate you with an original print!

Look idea: the flamingo jumper, a must have with beige carrot pants and derbies.

original women's sweater embroidered with pink flamingo - les petits imprimés  - eshop women's fashion

Original pink flamingo print sweater - les petits imprimés

To be original right down to the tip of your toes, think of funny socks with Grumpy Cats that are as kawaii as they are endearing.

< img src="https://cdn. shopify. com/s/files/1/2435/6725/products/socks-socks-woman-pattern-cat-lot-5-pairs-2_480x480. jpg?v=1610339435" alt="Women's fancy socks with cat pattern - les petits imprimés - eshop fancy women's fancy socks" style="float: none; display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" width="480x480" height="480x480">

Socks fantasy woman pattern cat - les petits imprimés

Daytime prints are great! But prints at night are also very nice. As on these luminous pajamas for waking up in great shape thanks to these vitaminized pineapples.

femme portant pyjama satiné imprimés chat

Satin pajama set - les petits imprimés

Fall/Winter 2020: 4 trendy prints to adopt urgently

Summer gives way to great ideas for original looks, between floral patterns, small checks, tropical influence, animal, vegetal and original prints.

Enough to have fun composing new outfits and making the transition to the first frosts smoothly.

And always at the forefront of fashion!