Christmas Outfit: 7 Accessories to Shine 1000 Lights

What Christmas outfit are you planning to wear this year? How about taking inspiration from the catwalks and the greatest fashion designers in the world to mark this annual family event? In addition to the outfit itself, carefully observe the fashion accessories , these essential elements to "pimp" a somewhat sober or classic outfit . If you are looking for inexpensive shopping ideas to shine on the evening of December 24, at lunch on the 25th or as a Christmas gift idea to blow away your loved ones, here are 7 fashion accessories that are right in the Winter 2019-2020 trend . Let's go !

Christmas outfit 7 trendy fashion accessories small prints

1. Lace tights for a chic Christmas outfit

What do you think of wearing a pretty dress or an original skirt with a chic sweater as a Christmas outfit? Yes, it is possible, even in winter! Especially with the clothing technique of layering . But how do you keep your legs warm in style?

To have fun with our legs in all femininity, we aim for sophisticated and sexy lace tights , structured and refined with a deceptively wise look. We will therefore avoid too present patterns on the dress or the skirt to leave this privilege to the pantyhose. Also think about tone on tone nude for an ultra girly and very soft baby doll look that is very trendy this season.

lace tights with delicate patterns - small prints - chic women's lace tights eshop

Lace tights with delicate pattern - Les Petits Imprimers

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2. Golden flower earrings

What a great gift idea for yourself or for an exceptional woman! Original earrings in the shape of a magnolia flower. Thus, it will stand out with a classic fantasy, poetic jewelry, good taste in its purest form.

Refined, delicate and luminous, these golden flower earrings symbolize beauty, freshness, spring and youth.

Golden Magnolia flower earrings - Les Petits Printed - eshop original fancy flower earrings

Magnolia golden flower earrings - Les Petits Imprimers

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3. Novelty socks

Novelty accessory socks are the fashion accessory for savvy fashionistas to bring THE quirky and unexpected detail to an outfit. Now, this winter, the ankle is cheerfully lit up with these little fashion accessories featuring trendy printed patterns (leopard, houndstooth, tartan, etc.), sequins and chic mini details (pearls, rhinestones, etc.). .).

In flat or heeled ankle boots, in ultra sexy pumps, pep-toes or heeled sandals, girly, sexy or humorous fancy socks will undoubtedly have their little magical effect at Christmas ;)

fancy socks - small prints - eshop women's fancy socks

Novelty cat pattern socks - Les Petits Imprimers

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4. A handbag with printed patterns to punctuate your Christmas outfit

What would a Christmas outfit be without a handbag? Maxi or mini, weekend bag or minaudière, the handbag is adorned with originality this winter! Pretty fashionable printed patterns invite themselves on this must-have it-bag which houses our least secrets (and all our life, it must be admitted).

Leather inserts, pearls, sequins, rhinestones, lace, veil and dotted swiss, mix of colors and metal alloys... The handbag lights up like a disco ball (or almost) to give the look a worked look , structured and definitely trendy! Be careful not to abuse the good things either: we are satisfied with 2 to 3 fancy elements so as not to turn into dubious bad taste.

wild print coin purse small prints

Printed wallet mini-minaudière bag - Les Petits Imprimers

5. Original fancy earrings

Oh the earrings ! Jewel of choice to illuminate a face, thus drawing the eye to the delicate neck and nape area... Highlighting the slender look of a haughty carriage of the head or playing deliciously with loose locks of hair, curls . original drop ears are in the spotlight this winter, and if possible in a maxi version !

How about wearing these beautiful cherry earrings in a stunning deep garnet. Hyper realistic, they add a touch of spring in the heart of winter. Something to remember great childhood memories with the family. Who is going to get tons of compliments at Christmas this year?

Original Cherry earrings with golden stem - Les Petits Imprimers

Garnet cherry earrings - Les Petits Imprimers

6. Trendy Printed Gloves

Wearing the current fashion trend on an accessory, what a great idea! For reasons of taste or wallet, you don't want/can't afford a maxi piece with a tartan or houndstooth pattern ? Are you afraid to invest knowing that this fashion is likely to pass? We have the solution for you: trendy tactile gloves with a houndstooth tartan pattern .

So chic, you will be perceived as a real fashionista by wearing them. Easier to afford and to associate them than in total look, you can easily change them according to your outfit. Neutral and sophisticated, these tactile warm woolen gloves with a tartan pattern bring the graphic detail to your Christmas outfit. Enough to respond in style during the snowball fight while waiting for the stroke of midnight and the gifts!

Tactile gloves with Prince of Wales tartan and houndstooth pattern in felted wool - Les Petits Imprimers

Tactile gloves with Prince of Wales tartan and houndstooth pattern in felted wool - Les Petits Imprimers

7. A fine and sophisticated necklace for Christmas

What finesse! What pure simplicity! Minimalist and yet so sophisticated, shiny yet understated, the thin chain necklace is an absolute timeless . In gold, silver, plated or fancy, the thin necklace is a timeless item that is however renewed with the fashions and the seasons.

Like this magnificent chain of extreme finesse and its pendant wreath of rose gold flowers and pastel tones . A beautiful symbol of the coming spring, renewal and femininity. The best enhancement is undoubtedly the V-neckline. But there's no doubt about it: this superb necklace will go wonderfully with the Christmas outfit you choose to wear.

Rose gold flower crown necklace and bracelet - Les Petits Imprimers

Rose gold flower crown necklace and bracelet - Les Petits Imprimers

Did you like these suggestions for accessorizing your Christmas outfit ? Classic, trendy, surprising or downright quirky, these 7 fashion accessories will subtly enhance your Christmas look with style.